Friday, May 27, 2011


May, being the month with not a lot in it, was going to be my month of redemption, rest and quality time with the girls. Well, there has been time. But, I am not entirely sure most of it was of the quality either of us had in mind.

It's not all cookies, craft projects, homeschool books and trips to local events. Sometimes it's the voice you wish you never had to use saying things you wish you never said, or one too many apologies to the husband because you know you're capable of being more than you are... those times... May was full of them.

May is ending though and it can take it's anxiety ridden, chore overwhelmed, and burnt dinner bringing days with it.

June... I'm looking at you buddy... you better make some magic for me.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Around Now

With spring comes the urge to leave the house.

And we find ourselves at Farmer's markets, the zoo, on a walk to the ice cream parlor, playing in the sprinkler...

And the dishes pile up, floors need mopping and laundry to be put away...

But we focus on what matters, spending quality time with each other.

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Friday, May 06, 2011


My back is out. The work day is already long and unforgiving. My ATM card is having a crisis of identity. I want to be home snuggled with snoring babies. I dream of when people danced together in the sunlight. It was only yesterday but it fills much much farther away.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

We've Been Busy Since Easter

We've gone for walks, except for the last time (when we drove), to LuLu's for ice cream, french fries and hamburgers...

We volunteered at the March for Dimes event in Modesto and Jon and Layla completed the Walk for Babies which was just over 4 miles long while Anyah and I gave out Non-profit information.

We've done A LOT of playing outside, taking full advantage of tricycles, scooters, sand boxes and most recently, the new water toy from Jen. The girls are a little scared with it turned on all the way but love playing with it like this...

Plus these two Easter Cuties are enjoying playing with their basket goodies and the wonderful gifts Anyah got for her FIRST birthday. I have a lot to talk about but sadly, I worked 8 nights in a row last week and my house looks like something out of a hoarder's TV show. So first, let me do some dishes, laundry and toy pick up and hopefully after that I'll meet you all back here with a full pepsi with ice and we'll get around to talking about things and stuff...