Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ack...what a week

This week has been incredibly busy. I'm still dealing with my health issue so there was that and work. But there is always health, money and work so I guess that shouldn't be a suprise.

There was Jon's birthday dinner with family (and George) at Red Robin on Wednesday night. Followed by a WHOLE day off to just sit around the house with my family and enjoy not having to work for a good reason.

Then there was was Friday night when we dropped Laylabug off at Nannie's house and we went to dinner at the Outback (JUST THE TWO OF US!!). Layla really didn't care that we were leaving because it's normal for her to spend a day with Nannie at Nannie's house but boy was she ready for us to come home the next day. She apparently cried when we weren't home by the time she got up from her nap the next day.
Jon suddenly remembered he had a conference call from work at 6 so we ended the alone time by being on a conference call. Later we went out with George and Devon for a few drinks and then came back here to play munchkin which was awesome. She's a cool person. Jon and I enjoyed being adults and being able to loud in our own home. (No pictures of that sorry but here is Jon on a conference call at his birthday dinner)

Then Saturday morning we got up and headed to San Francisco to spend the day together. We ate at Bubba Gumps which had a lovely view of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge all from where we sat eating WAY TOO MUCH SHRIMP. We bought Layla the world's cutest hat (and a few other small things) and then headed home (with a small stop at the Old Navy because I've been packing around a $50 gift card since March and I DESPERATELY needed new clothing. It was time-turns out there was also a HUGE it).

Then we came home and there was hugging, and crying when Daddy went upstairs and we couldn't find him, and not letting Mommy out of our site for awhile. We had a birthday cupcake because Layla hadn't had one yet. After awhile she calmed down and we cuddled in bed and she drove us crazy and everything was back to normal by 7 when I put her to bed because she was EXHAUSTED from staying up late at Nannie's house.

And then I watched Supernatural with Jon for awhile and blogged this summary blog and wrote a check for a loan payment I needed to make while the pictures loaded and I'm sure there will be more pictures and stories from this week later when I have time... but this should hold you over for awhile.

Bedtime Stories

The new tradition at our house at bedtime is "story time". I remember my mom and dad wrapping me up in a warm bed or sitting with me in front of a fire place in the winter and reading me books before bed. It was definitely a tradition I knew I'd share with Layla. It took her until just recently to have the patience to sit through an entire story. Now we have the opposite problem and she wants you to keep reading forever.

So now at night she picks a book and I grab Goodnight Moon and then we read the book she picked and Goodnight Moon and we do kisses and get into our "night night spot" tucked between our pillows and I turn out the light and tell her I love her and I leave her there with the book she picked to turn pages and imagine until she falls asleep.

And I savor each moment, because I know someday soon she'll want to read to me. And then will come the day that she just wants to read by herself. And then the day I don't have to tuck her in at all because she's in her room reading, or talking on the phone, or being a teenager in secret. But, I'll always remember these stories...and so will she.

Friday, August 28, 2009

August Belated Birthdays

August sort of got away from me this year and I missed several birthday posts. So I decided to combine them all into one birthday post. I like the idea so much I might do it again next month if September ends up being half as busy as August was.

My god-son's birthday was August 19th and he had a skateboard party from what I hear. He's rockin' so the fact that he wanted a skateboard party like a cool big kid doesn't suprise me at all. He's also brilliant...he can read, write and talk better than ALL the other kids I know his age. I know a lot of kids his age so that's saying something. He has a profound love of artwork which is directly related to the gift I sent him for his birthday which hopefully he's already recieved and started making projects with. Happy Birthday Pheno...we love you!!

Nana Shu-shu, otherwise known as our step-mother-in-law Susan (see Nana Shu Shu is easier to say isn't it?) was also a birthday gal this month. We love Susan for many reasons...she's funny, she's kind and she makes a mean margarita while the kids run around the back yard working up the yappy dog. Although I have a lot of pictures of her that I could choose from I picked this one from Layla's birthday last year because I think it reflects her personality well. She's very laid back and willing to watch the kids be kids. I like that about her, I often wonder if it's because she works with kids or just because she was blessed with it...anyhow... Happy Birthday Shu Shu!

This is my neice Faith. She's 2. She has always been very very funny. At least I think so. She makes me laugh with her facial expressions. Her Mommy put this up on her blog and I IMMEDIATELY stole it. It's my favorite. She looks like she knows something we don't know doesn't she? Well she can keep her long as she knows how much Uncle Jon, Aunt Allie and Cousin Layla miss her and love her. Happy Birthday new big sister Faith!

THEN there were the TWO new babies...Miss Mia (whom I've already posted about) and Miss Kylie who was born yesterday on Jon's birthday (I haven't met her yet but I will soon and when I do I'll post pictures). Those will add to the August birthdays next year.

Happy Birthday or BIRTH day whichever applies you guys...we love you!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthday boy

It's Jon's birthday. Last night we met family at the local burger joint and munched on fries and watched babies play while everyone celebrated his entrance into being 29. When they brought his ice cream and sang he danced head bobbing left to right because "why not". Plus no one had a camera out so it was safe. Safe to be yourself... that's so like Jon.

Jon is usually more patient and more forgiving then me by leaps and bounds. He loves people well. He is the council of every friend in crisis he's ever had. He makes people feel safe to be themselves.

He is also an AMAZING father. It is in his nature to just stand back a little and let Layla experiment with life. She runs a little more free with Jon and it's made her confident and independent, two skills every daddy should be blessed to give their daughters. He's also the bad cop at our house when needed because I am a huge push over for tears.

Since marrying Jon we've encountered every possible obstacle and yet when I look at him I still feel calm and he has become a home for me to retreat to. I love him more now than I did the day I married him. A new kind of love, one forged by life's tests and decorated by small victories. A stronger love.

**and yes I am reposting this picture because it's still my favorite**

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wait list

I wait for Autumn, my favorite season. I put on hold a passionate desire for pumpkin spice bread and caramel apples. I crave scented candles that glow warm and smell sweet and cool mornings damp with fog.

And I wait for turkey with the family and the gentle tumble into a winter filled with twinkle lights and glitter wrapped presents under the tree.

I am not patient. Time says keep waiting. I have no choice. So I wait.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life reflected

It's my daughter snorting when she laughs and the heavy weight of her melting into me when it's time for bedtime stories. It's the sound of Jon fast asleep beside me in bed and the way his eyes sparkle when he is feeling competitive. It's my favorite pajamas that are worn thin with time and their once bright blue and yellow flowers now pale from being worn through every possible type of night. It's the feel of a good quilt and the burn of the first drink of Pepsi from a glass overflowing with ice. It's when friends come for dinner and when family visits, or when strangers become something more. It's backgammon games and card games that errupt into laughter. It's the journey not the destination. It's road trips that went well and the ones that went so badly they are now funny stories I tell. It is love unconditional and forgiveness given freely. It's time and words shared without excuses. It's holiday traditions and books with yellowed pages. It's recipes shared, dishes tried and kitchen failures that taught us just as much as our successes. It's pictures that tell a story and stories that paint a picture. It's a life. It's my life... and the things that make me happy in it, at least some of them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I imagined a world, and you were in it.

This is just one of the many awesome pictures in the string of awesome pictures I want to post to Layla's site...
the time...
oh where has it gone?

A glimpses

This week has completely gotten away from me and while I had hoped to post a couple really good and meaningful posts it turns out that I have just never gotten that far along. I still have AWESOME pictures of Layla to post on her site, maybe Friday? Here is a look at some of the things keeping me busy and some other important news.
This is my God son Pheonix, he turned 3 today (the picture is old but I didn't have time to hunt down one from his last trip here so that will have to wait until another day this week when I have time to write him a real happy birthday post).
This is me Monday being held hostage...err...I mean bonding with my daughter. Jon's car has been acting up so he was taking turns being inside, and outside, and then upstairs on the computer so we entertained ourselves with a movie...turns out I am more comfortable than laying on the floor.

Then we went yesterday after dinner but before bedtime we went to Pop's house to visit my mom and so Layla could get a present from Nana Lorrie. We also played in the sprinklers and the mud for awhile before I sprayed her off and took her home (pictures coming later on her site).

Then today Miss Mia was finally born to her Mama (Jen) and I had to go visit them after she was born. I mean had to...there might have been a gun to my head or something <are they falling for it?> Anyhow I went to see her and she is ADORABLE, probably one of the top 3 prettiest babies I've ever seen.
By the way, this picture is a mere 3 hours after Jen gave birth...look how attractive and wonderful she looks. I know. I hate her too. But I love her I forgive her.
Then I came home and I looked at all the posts I have in queue to write and the photos I need to upload to Layla's site and the other things on the list that just aren't getting done...and I decided they can all wait for me to get to them...

Monday, August 17, 2009


Where are my glasses? Has anyone seen my car keys? Did I just step on a cracker from yesterday...shit.

Oh my the timeclock at work isn't working...

And then my husband borrowed the car right before lunch...

I barely got off on time and I made the house too hot while I made Spaghetti for dinner...

And then it was dark out, and blogs were posted, and emails written, and it was time to watch TV with the husband...

And it was a good day... a very normal day...

and I only slept two hours last night...

So now it's over.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Piled Up

In my bedroom there is a pile of clean laundry overflowing that has never been put away and a pile of bedding that just needs to be put on a bed. In the bathroom there is the pile of bath toys and the pile of crap in the drawer on my side that never gets put away correctly. Layla's room houses two closets piled with things that need to be properly sorted and put away along with the normal piles of toys and stuffed animals and books that are in every toddler room. The living room houses piles of toys, newspapers just read, DVD's never put away, bedding to be tucked away upstairs and shoes that have no home. The kitchen as always has piles on the counter and piles in the sink and even the table houses piles of things that have no home.

I live in a pile.

I used to have the cleanest house in town and then I had a toddler, and a full time job and everyone had a baby at once and it's always someone's birthday and the next thing I know on my day off all I really want to do is sit on my arse and watch some brainless movie and read a book and eat junk food...

And it piles up around me and I day off I'll take care of it... but I never do.

So today I'm tackling one pile at a time and seeing how far I get. Three piles in I am ready wishing for naptime and trying to talk myself into keeping going.

I don't want to be one of those people. You know the people with the gross house...

But really...this is gross.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So many topics

I have no less than 6 blogs that I can name off the top of my head that I have yet to blog about. Despite a wealth of topics I seem to keep getting tripped up by everyday life.

Yesterday laylabug and I both had the stomach flu. It was awful and despite not having sick time at work to spare, I ended up coming home early yesterday and calling in sick today.

Lucky for Erin that means she got a day off while at 6 am I cleaned up a blow out diaper. We've watched a couple movies and read a few books but mostly laylabug is tempermental and I am tired.

Jon, bless his heart, has an iron stomach so he's at work... Probably tired but not sick which is more than I can say for laylabug and I. No vomit since 1 am though so maybe it will be a better afternoon than morning and I'll be able to blog about something more entertaining.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today everyone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. When my alarm went off at 5 A.M., I had an overwhelming urge to hit the snooze button, not once but twice. Just as I was crawling into the laundry pile to attempt to find something to wear to work the baby woke up screaming in the next room.

So I stumbled to the hall light and made an attempt to put her back to bed, which I do most mornings without so much as a sleepy nod in my direction. Instead, there was crying and clinging and gnashing of teeth. Ten minutes of that, added to the ten minutes of snooze button time, I relented and took her to the Daddy who was trying to sleep and handed her off…still sobbing… so I could take a shower. 

I got out of the shower in a brisk 5 minutes to find the baby playing in the hallway. Still tear streaked. Daddy was trying to sleep so I tried again to put her back to bed. No dice.

She ended up getting up and forcing Daddy to get up as well because Mommy only had 5 minutes to find her shoes and throw on a thin layer of make-up before work. 

Of course Daddy's don't just get up at 5:30 in the morning. They throw mini-temper tantrums, similar to the one I wanted to have this morning in the shower but avoided, because I'm not a Daddy.

And the bad week that has been lingering was in full force by the time I left for work 5 minutes later. I arrived at work wishing I had a sick day I could actually use, or at least a stiff drink and a Xanax but instead found my desk piled high with paperwork to process and dishes left over from yesterday's potluck. Lucky me. 

Today is going to suck. 

It's been such a long week. Monday there was financial worries and insurance changes at Jon's work to trudge through. Tuesday the fabulous Miss Erin got her new school schedule which for a few minutes there left us totally screwed until thankfully I realized my Mom is off work for 3 months and she can supplement…because there is no way we can afford day care prices in the Central Valley right now. 

Then just when I thought Wednesday would be better. I got not 1 but TWO lovely temper-tantrums in my morning routine and a drama filled text on my first break.

 Is it Saturday yet?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today was hot, stressful and altogether not fun. So I am going to go read a book.

Look it's a two sentence blog.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Parenting Fact #156

No matter how many times you wash your kid after breakfast, you will ALWAYS find a sticky spot of syrup on their face later when you take their picture.

Yahoo a New Baby!!

Melissa had her new baby so hop on over to her blog and make sure to share her some comment love!
Brooke was born on Saturday and for a Jeffery baby she is a very small 8 lbs but that's probably because she made an early arrival. She's adorable. This is the first picture I saw of her and it's my favorite so I went to Mel's blog and stole it to post it here.
Yay Babies!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009


May you climb the highest jungle gyms and never worry enough to call. May you jump from things that skip my heartbeat and never blink at all. May you swing so high you think you'll fly and run so fast you soar. May you laugh and dance and clap and stomp and roar. May you always find another slide to dare yourself to try. May you cross the bridges and storm the castle even if the walls are high. May you roll in the grass and count the clouds overhead. May you imagine the world a better place like the one in the storybooks before bed. May you tumble into leaves and wish on stars. May you pretend the laundry basket is a winning while racing cars. And while you are out on adventures having your fun, keep this in mind my tiny one. No matter how independent you think you should be called, I'll be here to catch you, should ever you fall.

I am appreciative for what I have but...

Yesterday's baby shower overflowed my emotional bucket. I got cut off on the way home in the car and my cursing quickly evolved to crying. I ended up pulling over my car and having a good bawl out on the side of a country road.
It's hard work trying to get pregnant. It's a spiritual journey filled with small triumphs and little victories. I made it through a whole shower without crying. I didn't snap when the sweet scent of new baby washed over from the cute little one near me. I wasn't jealous of her big baby belly and her gift bags of tiny little clothes. Chalk one up for the good side.
But it isn't always obvious to me anymore when the infertility melt down is going collapse around me.

But somewhere on the way home it hit me that I am so very not pregnant. That I will probably continue to be very not pregnant for a very long time. And as proud, and happy as I am for Jen... I spent a little time on the side of the road allowing myself to feel sorry for myself.
My pity party was 9 minutes long. Then I stayed a little weepy for the next 10 miles. By the time I got home I had resolved myself to official no more tears status.
It's hard work being pathetic...very hard work.
And she's so beautiful with her big baby belly and her soon to be mom glow. There is not a doubt in my mind that witnessing Miss Mia's birth (just like any birth) will be a life changing and beautiful experience and I can't wait to share in it.
And then I'll come home and invest in little pee stick tests and wait until it's my turn like a good girl... I promise.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dear Miss Mia...

I usually resolve myself to only writing letters to my child on my blog but the thing is... I'm very attached to you already. This is a picture of me and your Mommy at your baby shower today. I was honored to help throw the party that celebrates your arrival, because I can't wait to meet you.
Your mommy is all washed over with anxiety right now, that's normal for someone who's about to have a baby. She's worried that she'll struggle with being a new mommy and that you'll suffer because of it. But, I know that if she's already worried about it, then it will all be just fine.

See...the truth is... being a Mommy is hard work but it's also just a part of who someone is. And your mommy, she's already worried about raising you up right...which is the most fundamentally important thing about being a Mommy. You just have to love someone enough to care to do the right thing for them, and that she already does triple fold and then some.
She's going to be a great Mommy. She's so much fun and so full of life. She's funny and she's willing to make those stupid faces to make other people's kids laugh so you're in for a real treat. She's also very honest which as far as parents go can be pretty rare so you remember that later when she's being honest with you. Some parents don't treat their kids like people and she already thinks of you as a tiny little person and you're not even here yet.
Today I told your Mommy that I never write in cards at baby showers because they make people cry and people are already there taking pictures. But if I had written in her card I would have told her a few of the things I've learned since I've become a Mommy.
I would tell her...
It doesn't matter what you do wrong, as long as you remember that no mistake is too big that you can't make it right. It doesn't matter how many people in the village are helping to raise your child, only your opinion matters so follow your gut. Ask for help if you need it and turn help away if it isn't helping you. Teach your daughter to be as independent, brilliant and full of zest for life. And remember above all things... love is always more important than anything else we give to our children.
Oh... and if all else fails... go for a drive in the car.
Lastly, Little Miss Mia, I'd like you to know that I love you and your Mommy very very much but that neither she nor I are patient so you better hurry up and make your grand entrance soon...
Because if I teach you only one thing in life... I think your Mommy would appreciate it if it was... "if Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy".

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I hate it when other people don't update their blogs and I spend all this time and energy clicking the link with my finger and then being forced to scroll all the way up and hit the back button because they haven't posted a damn thing since the last time I looked. And now... I'm one of those people.

I think it's been like 4 days since my last blog, which I truly apologize for...but goodness gracious it's been awfully busy with long periods of lull in the middle.

We had an awesome surprise visit from Jon's cousin from down south. She brought a boy and all 3 of her kids and it was great to watch the kids all play at the park. Little kids are darn entertaining. I also spent a good chunk of yesterday and today prepping for Jen's baby shower which resulted in 2 nights of feeding the baby/husband random crap for dinner and a nice batch of 30 party favors. I'd tell you what they are but Courtney is very touchy about people ruining her surprises.

Being as the shower was moved to Jen's friends house I need to figure out if I have to bring extra stuff, you know big stuff, like tables. That will consume part of my time after work tomorrow and Saturday is the actual shower.

After which I can pretend to be planning Jon's birthday bash while secretly spending a lot more time on Layla's birthday which is a month farther out. I mean I guess it's not a secret being as he does read my blog and has ever since I had that old blog where I used to talk about my dates with him because I didn't know he was reading, which later resulted in my getting a people tracker/site meter for my website which I should really thank him for some time.

Oh my god, I'm such a hamster. I just stopped mid blog because I noticed a target add laying on the desk next to me with shiny princess shoes in it for $9.99. Where was I?

Oh right... Layla's birthday. I still need to book the park, but I'm pretty sure we're going to the park, having some sandwiches and cake and enjoying the Disney Princess/Fairy wonder that has swept Layla off her feet.

For her present from Mommy & Daddy we'll be going to Disneyland in October. Best gift ever? Yea, we try to give her gifts we'll like just as much as she will. And Disneyland doesn't require batteries or play the same songs over and over for 5 months after the special it was top of the list. If I ever find the person who invented the Sesame Street Steering Wheel that says "beep beep coming through" I'm going to hide Clomid in the Chex Mix so they have Octoplets and then put one in every room of their house. It's a small world being stuck in my head will be a welcomed treasure compaired to that horror.

Also in the J Family News this week... Layla learned a few things at the fair. Suddenly she talks all the time and in baby sentences that Mommy understands more than Daddy. She's really taken charge on leading you to something and showing it to you if you don't know the lingo though so he's still doing ok. And now she sucks face with Giraffes. No seriously. People need to keep a handle on their teenagers at public events. That's all I'm going to say on that soap box. But, Layla has mastered the full facial assault and try as I may I happened to laugh the first time so then she repeated it for Erin a few times.

Oh well. At least they didn't teach her to snort coke and dance on the coffee table naked.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Checked off

So this week, strike that, this month is a very busy one. There are birthdays and baby showers and trips to the fair to juggle with work schedules and adult responsibilities.

So am I entirely surprised when the family that we never see is coming for a visit and we're going to dinner? Nope. Am I shocked that every time I lay down for a nap the phone rings? Not anymore.

There are a lot of to do lists flying around this month and sometimes I need to check myself off of someone else's. And sometimes it's all heart felt and exciting and loving. And sometimes your just another task to be accomplished. Do I care which 1 I am? I try not to.

It's going to be a long and stressful end of summer if I don't keep myself calm.

Biting my tongue. Check. Tongue in cheek. Check. Tongue kept in check. Check... Err ... We'll see.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Recovery Day

I like it when the day after big events we all have a day off. Today the baby didn't get up until 8 and then we had pancakes while Jon got to catch up on sleep (he opened a lot this week). I read the sales ads, the baby pretended to read a big Disney storybook outloud, there was dancing to Hairspray and there was the discovery that there is only 1 Pepsi left. Mom called for a visit and I started washing bed linens.

Speaking of which- Did I mention we got a new bed this week? We did. It's not NEW. It's just new to us. It's a king size bed that my cousin JB no longer needed. It was being evicted from Pop's house so my mom could move in her giant princess feather bed *don't laugh I'm not kidding* so we moved it here.
So now we have a CAL KING. Jon is tall, I am wide...this is a good thing. Dad loaned us a truck and Mom bought us a feather bed topper. Layla got our old bed with a nice mattress topper. We gave her old bed to Erin who moved it herself (thanks Erin) and we have a mattress to return to Eric and Jenette that we had borrowed (in an attempt to make Layla's bed the right height back when it was our bed and she had a crib before the last round of musical beds).

Now everyone here has jersey sheets and too many pillows and the next thing I know we're suddenly sleeping in until 8. Which means our nap time moved back. Which means we go to bed AFTER 7 pm...which means dinner time can move was like dominos but more entertaining because it was my life.
Where was I?
So we went downstairs and I wondered why I keep dreaming about Psalm 113 and then we came upstairs and played with hats and visited with Daddy while he was on the computer and you know what? It's 12:15 and everyone is still in their jammies. This is also a good thing.
Next week is a busy week too... can't wait for Jen's shower. Then I get a small break before Jon's birthday. There are events between the two just nothing I need to plan or plan for. Good times.
Almost as good as watching a goat pet itself on your daughters extended hand while she looks at it like "what the heck are you doing to my fingers?"

Saturday, August 01, 2009


On the right day, in the right light, from the right angle before I have time to do anything which might result in messing it up... I do clean up pretty good still.

The Fair

The company I work for decided to host their company picnic at the Stanislaus County Fair today. It was an awesome idea. They gifted us with 3 gate passes, 3 bbq lunches, 3 unlimited ride wrist bands and two parking passes. Technically we were supposed to get 1 parking pass but when they asked if I would like a second 1 I said yes, because it's always good to have a spare.

Turns out it was the ideal plan. We went a little before the picnic (which was scheduled during the hottest part of the day) and walked the through the air conditioned buildings, checked out the art, the exhibit booths and the plants. We also made quick stop to buy Laylabug her first cowboy hat and to get something to drink. We also checked out the rainforest exhibit which Layla liked a lot.

The picnic was really informal. We had BBQ and soda. By we, I mean me and Jon, Layla refused to eat lunch and only had a cookie. They had face painting which we opted out of as Layla isn't a huge fan of stuff on her skin or sitting still.

After we ate I said hi to a few people and then we made our way out. It was obvious that Layla, who skipped her morning nap, was going to need to go home and sleep. We contemplated calling Nana Lorrie but as I really wanted to do the rides part with the baby we decided to take her home and let her nap instead. On the way out we checked out the petting zoo in the 4 H area which Laylabug loved.

We got our hands stamped, went out to the car, drove home and there was napping. Then 3 hours later we packed back into the car and the cranky baby from earlier was much more adapting so we decided to go back. We used our 2nd parking pass to park, our hand stamps to get in and went to enjoy a much cooler hour of fair-time.

We got corndogs. Layla didn't want to eat her corndog so taking advise from a girl friend of mine I wrapped it in a paper towel and stuck it in the stroller. We got wrist bands and we started riding rides.

Layla's first ride ever was the Jumping Jumbo (which is a generic Dumbo Flying Elephant ride). She rode with Daddy and Mommy took pictures. Then we stode in line and rode the Cars Route 66 ride. Daddy took pictures that time. Then Daddy and Layla rode Jumping Roo (a kangaroo ride) and then we put her back in the stroller and there was a brief fit because she wanted more rides.

We made her get into the stroller anyhow and walked to another part of the park. She immediately stopped crying when we started moving. She drank some water, ate some left over corn dog and we walked around for awhile (think of it as a Disneyland test run).

Then she went on the a Dizzy Dragon with Daddy, and a choochoo train with Mommy and we ended the night with a ride on the carousel with Daddy. Funny thing about the last ride, as we were walking there Layla was chomping down on her left over corn dog. Jon said "do you want to give your corn dog to mommy and ride a ride with daddy?" and she literally threw her corn dog on the ground and started waving and pointing at the ride.

That's my kind of kid. She loved things that went fast or that spun. She got off that spinning dragon with an ear to ear grin. Unfortunately the camera battery was low so we didn't get as many pictures as I like. I mean I only got 90 or so today. Which if you know me isn't very many.

We didn't head home until around 8:30 and then there was a wash down, a snack and some quiet time before bed. I think she finally crashed about 9...happy and silly as ever...

it was an awesome day.