Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disneyland Night 3- Downtown Disney Dinner at Rainforest Cafe

On the third night Jon and the rest of the wedding party had to go to the rehearsal which was at the Disneyland Hotel on the far end of Downtown Disney from our hotel so we decided that would be the perfect night for dinner in Downtown Disney. We picked the Rainforest Cafe since we had never been there and we had to practically run with the two kids for Grammi and I to get there on time to make that reservation. Grammi, George's Parents and Devon joined the girls and I to claim our table and we waited for Jared, George and Jon to show up before we ate dinner. It seemed like a super long wait and the kids weren't nearly as entertained by the giant fish tanks and sudden rain showers as I had hoped but they were still pretty well behaved. When the boys arrived we ordered food and everything tasted great. Then we talked back through Downtown Disney on our way back to the hotel. I love the atmosphere of Downtown Disney after dark and the kids enjoyed stopping by the World of Disney store for a special suprise and dancing to the music along the way. Layla pretended to play the violin with her glow stick wands and Anyah waved Hi to every person we passed until the fact that it was WAY passed her bedtime kicked in and then we scurried back to our hotel to put her to bed. (can you blame us? check out that stink eye photo!!)

Disneyland Day 3 & some Disney California Adventure

If I had to sum up day three with 2 pictures, these would be them... Rides & Food... depending on the kid... one of those things was definitely more important than the other.

On Day 3 we rode A LOT of rides. In the morning we rode several rides in Fantasyland including but not limited to Snow White & Peter Pan (one of my favorites) then Anyah got cranky and I gave her a stroller nap while Daddy, Layla and Grammi checked out Tarzan's Tree House. Then we did Toontown which Layla absolutely loved. I ended up leaving Grammi, Daddy and Layla to take a cranky baby back to the hotel to nap. During that time they had a lot of fun playing with the different things in Toontown and exploring people's houses.

When Anyah woke up we decided to go to Disney California Adventure to ride some more rides on that side. Due to construction in the main walkway area for the remodel we actually found the crowds on this side to be smaller. Anyah and I shared an awesome clam chowder bread bowl and Layla got a holiday themed Mickey Bat Cookie. Grammi took Layla to the Phineas and Ferb Dance Party which Layla loved and then we checked out the Bugs Life area which I have never been in. The rides in this area had NO lines. Not kidding. Walked right on them and while they were mellow the baby loved them and Layla still had fun. Anyah was still super cranky (we later figured out she was cutting a canine tooth) so we went back to the hotel for a rest before Daddy went to the rehearsal for Chris and Brandy's wedding and then we all met up at Rainforest Cafe for dinner with the Santos Family (which will be a seperate post). **Once again I apologize as the pictures are out of order**

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Disneyland Day 2- Meeting the Characters, Ridin' the Rides

These pictures are absolutely not in order. Day 2 after we picked up Grammi we went back to the park and rode some rides (I honestly don't remember which ones) and on day 2 Anyah took a second nap and Grammi suprised her with the stuffed Donald Duck she asked for the whole first day and 2nd morning. We met a lot of Characters (Layla met Pluto and Chip while we were napping) and then we all met Mickey, Minnie and when we went to California Disney Adventure we met Handy Manny. The picture on a ride is Buzz Lightyear which Layla loved shooting things on. In the end we grabbed Layla hot dog kids meal and Anyah some fruit (which she loves) and sent them back to the hotel with Grammi and the adults went to the Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties in Downtown Disney (no pictures there- sorry what happens pre wedding- stays pre wedding (just kidding)).

Also, for the record, there are only 2 ways this can go. Either your kids love the characters or they are terrified. Anyah and Layla both ran at characters with open arms for big hugs and secret sharing so for that I am very greatful. It was a wonder thing to watch my babies meet their favorite "people".

Disneyland Day 2- Grammi Chris Arrives

Once again, these pictures are going to be very out of order. Blogger just doesn't like me today and I have hundreds of pictures and several days I want to get through this morning so I am not going to try and fix it.

Monday, Grammi Chris arrived to watch the girls. Grammi Chris is Jon's mom and she lives in South Carolina so the girls only see her about once a year. The last time she was here was right after Anyah was born. I was a little worried the girls would be shy but Layla stuck to her like white on rice (even sleeping in her bed) most of the week and Layla's quick stick to Grammi made Anyah feel comfortable so we did just fine.

Layla and Daddy picked up Grammi from the airport while Ani and I went to the park for an hour and then she wanted to go back and take a nap. During our hour we rode It's a Small World 2 times back to back...that's why parenting is hard people...repeat trips to your least favorite ride. Hopefully she'll read this one day and know how much I must have loved her.

Once we all met up again we had some McDonald's in the hotel room and headed back to the park to ride some rides before Jon and I headed off to the Bachlorette and Bachelor parties.

Disneyland Day 1- Hanging with Friends

The first day at the park was the only day we truly got to hang out with our friends. We arrived at the park, checked in at the hotel *cue drama*, checked in for our Annual passes (which is a little labor intensive with 3 steps), rode a ride and then found everyone else (well technically we had already found Chris and Brandy). Then we went into the park. This pictures loaded backwards... First we took the girls on the Teacups, then there was Mr. Toads Wild Ride with everyone else and It's a Small World with everyone else. Both girls loved the tea cups, Layla asked to do Mr Toad a second time and the next day Anyah made me ride "singing baby world 2 more times" after that thankfully she burnt out because she doesn't know all the words to the song and Mommy was going crazy listening to her. Anyah on It's a Small World.
This is Chris Fish, he got married at Disneyland and that's why we were there. The girls took to Chris very quickly. Also in the picture is Godfather George and his brother Jared who were Groomsmen with Daddy in the wedding. Layla had her own Entourage that first day which was awesome.

Anyah was a little freaked out by the crowd. Normally she only gets bottles and pacifiers during nap time but we made an exception on this trip so she could feel comforted. You'll be seeing a lot of "ba ba" pictures I'm sure.

See that? That's the look your kids have for about 10 minutes during and after each Disneyland ride, then you get in another line and it goes away until the next ride starts.

This is as close as we get to a token under the Disney flowers picture, we took it while Daddy was getting his Annual Pass Photo... I don't get the whole flower picture obsession... but we tried for your sake.

Disneyland Fireworks (Night 1)

At the last minute we added a day to our trip, leaving Turlock a day early so that the girls would arrive at Disneyland on a Sunday because the firework show is only available on the weekends. While Daddy went off with his friends to check out Electronica (the Tron themed Club in Disney California Adventure) we staked out a spot for an hour and half to have good seats for the fireworks. I brought glow sticks and light up Mickey Pumpkin heads from home and the girls were pretty entertained by those while we waited (at first) but by the time everyone else arrived Godfather George had to save the day with a Mickey Mouse glowing (and color changing balloon) and some Mickey Mouse Ice Cream.

Both girls wore just as much Ice Cream as they ate which made it even cuter.

Anyah ate hers faster than Layla and Daddy could share the other one. My little foodie, I'm so proud.

When the fireworks started we stood up and watched from our awesome spot. I held Anyah.

Godfather George held Layla for a bit and then she scored the ultimate spot on the back of Daddy's shoulders.

After the fireworks we went straight back to the hotel and the girls crashed out. Daddy went back to the park for a little bit I think, I don't remember... I was sleepy, I slept. Ha ha.