Friday, November 26, 2010


That would be 29 days until Christmas if you are wondering. The good times, they are here my friend. Yes, they are here.
I worked Thanksgiving, and today, this weekend too...but it's ok... it gives me time to plan in my head where I want the Christmas tree to go and think of ways to sneak out decorations when the kids aren't looking.
I can sit and plan what is on the menu for Breakfast after the stockings and for Christmas dinner. I can look for Christmas Jammies for the adults that match the ones I got the kiddos. I can make a list and check it twice.
Because I've got the spirit...
Rockin' around the Christmas tree sort of spirit...
Deck the Halls , fa la la la la la la la sort of spirit...
Do you hear what I hear? sort of spirit...
No Grinches, Scrooges, or lines at the post office shall hold me back.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

For a family which I love.
For a God who loves me.
For a bounty of food at my table.
For a home which keeps me safe.
For technology which allows me to be close to those far away.
For Pepsi with ice and other favorites that really are "little things".
For people who protect us, serve us, believe in us, and motivate us.
For friends who we wish we saw more but love just the same.
For laughter, when things (much like this picture) just don't turn out the way you expected.
For sisters who love each other even if they refuse to sit together.
For playing pretend, making messes, dancing on the furniture and snuggling for naps.
For husbands that love well, look hot, and take out the trash without being asked.
For movies, music, art, science, and books which inspire us to just imagine what it would be like outside the box.
For butter because it really is better with butter.
For chocolate when you need it and cupcakes when chocolate just isn't enough.
For curly topped babies with fuzzy pajamas who rub your face until they fall asleep.
For confident little girls who never shy away from having a life lived in BIG moments.
For pictures that speak a thousand words...or just one.
For loved ones we miss but will see again some day in heaven.
For the chance to change.
For the traditions that are always the same.
For dreaming big, living with adventure, and for being content with what you've got if those other two things aren't working out.
For forgiveness.
For hope.
For tomorrow is another day and this too shall pass.
For standing up for what you believe in.
For standing up for someone else because you believe in them even if they don't believe in themselves.
For a world that is only as big as are hearts let us see and as small as our ambitions let us experience it.
For children of a global culture.
For one more day, hour, minute, second, glimpse of what the future holds.
For that ability to find more things to be thankful for than I could possibly ever get around to listing.

For you. Yes especially for you.
For days when we give thanks even if it's not thanksgiving and days of thanksgiving to remind us if we ever forget...
For we are thankful...
so very very thankful.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Counter Gremlins

When this posts, I'll be cooking. I should start Wednesday morning with dough making, pie baking, side dish prepping and general clean up so that Thursday all I have to do is ...well...everything else. I love to cook, I actually look forward to these holiday meals more than you could possibly imagine.
The cooking's viral around here. Layla already has it and it doesn't matter if I am scrambling eggs or prepping for dinner guests... my little helper becomes a counter gremlin until I let her help. If I don't let her help she'll lay across the counter and watch me like I'm doing my own cooking show.
I usually let her help.
Anyah already loves to watch us cook and I know by this time next year I'll have two counter gremlins. Which I guess means that in a few years I won't have to peel my own potatoes anymore, gotta love that.

Plus, worse things could happen then spending time teaching your kids an awesome skill and bonding together... I mean she could like golf...*yuck*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Places You'll Go - Winter Addition

Autumn is a quick season in the central valley and we didn't come close to finishing that list of things to try out...but that's ok, it's not a to do list, it's a list of ideas in case we're looking for something to do.
Winter is gaining on us fast and we're all ready to go. The cupboards are stocked with supplies for big hearty pasta dishes and simple simmered soups. Jackets have been purchased, as well as, hats and mittens in preparation for the first big cold streak.
The rains have come. Thanksgiving is just days away. I think it's time to start thinking about what we'd like to try out this winter.
  • I would still like to try and make it to the Discovery Museum
  • We have plans already to paint some pottery at Color Me Mine
  • I took off time from work so we could Attend the Downtown Turlock Lights Parade
  • We need to make a trip to Christmas Tree Lane once it's open
  • In family tradition, Anyah will need official Santa pictures this year to document her first Christmas
  • Layla and Mommy have some Christmas crafts and decorations to make
  • We've started pulling out Christmas movies but we're going to have a Claymation Movie Marathon soon
  • I invision Homemade Christmas Sugar Cookies and eat them with Hot Chocolate stirred with a Candy Cane
  • We're going to make and use an advent chain this year
  • We have to take a family trip to the Hallmark store so that everyone can pick out their ornaments for this year
  • Layla has expressed interest in going to the post office and mailing a package and since so much of our family lives far away, we'll get to do that eventually.
  • There will be new Christmas Jammies on Christmas eve and all the magic and wonder that comes with Christmas morning
  • We are going to attempt *again* to make fudge, maybe this year it will be yummy
  • Lastly, I'd like to take the girls to the snow

What about you? What would you like to do this winter?

To Anyah @ 7 Months Old

My Ani,

You are watching me type this, your sitting up (straight) on the floor, staring at me like I should stop what I am doing right.this.second. and come play with you. Pay no mind to the fact that I just started typing... you want to be PLAYED WITH. I think you'll survive until sister gets up from her nap to entertain you... so we press on.

This month several things have became very interested in toys, you sit up unassisted all the time, you eat solid foods (by yourself with your fingers) and you have discovered that in a sitting position you can scoot yourself across the floor or that on your tummy you can turn in circles, plus you're not above rolling to get somewhere quickly. Your sister loves that you're suddenly so interactive but she'd greatly appreciate it if you would stop trying to eat her Fisher Price Lil' People... bless her heart she really believe's your going to hurt one with your single tooth.

You're still a little people watcher but recently you decided your not necessarily a people lover and now strangers occassionally reduce you to tears by trying to make eye contact and say hi to you. That's always interesting to watch. It's sort of like a tiny adorable time bomb I can throw at people whenever I want.

You like to bounce in the bouncer, ride in the car, and sit in swings at the park now. You still don't like mushy foods, loud noises or (as it turns out) most socks because girl you are VERY picky about socks and hats...they must be soft...but not fuzzy or thick. You've totally changed tides on that whole bath thing since we started putting you in a big bath with your sister. There is nothing more fun then kicking and splashing other people (unless of course you are the other person).

Layla and you have a special bond. Yesterday I gave Layla a cookie and she broke off a tiny piece and put it in your mouth. True love is actually evident any time a toddler is willing to share chocolate chip cookies. I think it was all the time you spent bonding over Backyardigans, because you both LOVE to watch that together.

We went to take family pictures earlier this month. They didn't go over well. But, in a moment of calm this little gem of a picture was taken of you. Your curly hair, your impish grin and tiny little elf ears... you look so much like your sister and yet so different, both beautiful but different... different is good.

This week is Thanksgiving, you'll have turkey and mashed potatoes and some sweet potatoes and more green beans (because you love a good green bean) and then all full and happy we'll cuddle in for a group afternoon nap (which has become a trend since mommy started working nights) and it will soon become my favorite thing about Thanksgiving, better than any parade or any feast... my two girls cuddled up with me and taking a nap.

Then Christmas will come to town and you'll see your first Christmas lights, and we'll sing silly songs (we already started that part actually) and you'll cry at Santa and watch the Christmas lights parade...and you'll have another milestone, and another tradition will be started, and another day I will spend marveling at how perfect you are as an addition to our family, just what we needed, like finding the last piece of a jig saw puzzle and snapping it into place.

Because love is always the perfect fit. And we love you, more and more every day.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

On having your cake & eating it too

Anyah's first Chocolate Mouse
(a family favorite from Olde Thyme Pasteries here in Turlock)
Layla and Mommy made sprinkle cupcakes on Mommy's last day off before moving to the night shift
Around here I have the firm theory that you can't have it all but damn it you can sure try! I let the kids eat cake when they want it and you know what, they don't want it as much as one might think (at least not most of the time) because when you're allowed to have cake, it's good, but it's not *forbidden food of the God's* type of good.
Sometimes I feel like I am tanking the mommy ship. I feel like a complete and absolute failure at being Super Mom. But who doesn't right? I mean no one is super mom...and maybe someone out there is damn close but it's not gonna be me. At least not this week. But, dang it all, I am still going to TRY.
First week of night shifts officially almost sorta done (ok more like 2/3rds done because I started with 8 days in a row- stupid rotation). I'm not as tired as I expected and I seem to be doing ok with it. The girls don't really know I'm gone so they're doing well. Jon is having to cover for me while I sleep, that's tough on him, but he's growing... it's the growing pains we're not so fond of lately.
But it seems like an ok choice. I love the staff at nights, I love the work, I don't feel stressed and I'm getting better pay. But you can't have your cake and eat it too... or so they tell me so we're stretching thin on some things this week and I am hoping that all works out for the best soon.
Because I'd really like to try and get as close as I can to that next slice of cake.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ta Da!

So I am getting ready for my second work day on the night shift...or work ngiht...oh well you know what I mean. I am remarkably awake both during the day and at night when I need to be so for that I am grateful. My wonderful husband picked up the slack today letting me nap whenever a baby was napping or a toddler was napping and entertaining whomever was left.
The thing I seem to be struggling with so far is that overwhelming tummy confusion that comes from having a lunch break at 4:30 am and then not knowing when the heck you're supposed to eat the rest of the day.
I loved being able to come home and snuggle my babies still in their toasty beds this morning and I enjoyed my cuddled naps and the time downstairs listening to Layla play using her imagination and watching Anyah roll herself towards things she's not supposed to have.
I think I might like this.
I think I might.

Friday, November 05, 2010


Today was my last "day shift" at work for awhile... you know... like a year. I celebrated in true adult style...I bought a snack from the vending machine, gave myself hives, and had to take benadryl...not once...but twice in order to get the swelling in my head to go down. I eventually finished my shift, stumbled home and took an hour nap. Then Jon and I went to the grocery store, and got dinner (since I had a migraine) that the babies are in bed and the house is cool and quiet I feel a little better (or at least like I am not dying).

I have grand plans for tomorrow and the rest of my last weekend off for 4 weeks (also I work 8 days next week so that should be interesting). Plans like cleaning house, sorting baby laundry, hanging out in my pajamas, possibly walking to the park and letting the girls play in the grass and playground.

Jon's car died, so we've been down to one car for a few weeks now. It's a special kind of interesting juggling two opposite (yet overlapping) schedules. Tomorrow I won't have a car. Sometimes not having a car has perks, for instance, it's not like I can be expected to go somewhere this weekend with two kids and nothing to drive.

In other interesting points of note, I recently volunteered to work Thanksgiving and the day after. My shift is at 10 pm so it's not like that will muck up my turkey day plans and holiday pay is always pleasant, plus I'm the "new" girl so I think it probably looks nice. I've started gathering my Turkey Day supplies, I wish there was room in my freezer for a turkey because those are really inexpensive at Safeway this week.

Family pictures are scheduled for next week. The girls both need jackets. I can't find my tiny travel diaper bag. These are the things on my mind at 10:15 pm on a Friday night, this means I am officially a boring adult, right?

Layla has decided that she must verbally narrate every single thing that happens all day long. I feel like there is a sports commentator following me whereever I go. While I know that this is a stage in development, it is officially driving me and Jon crazy. CRAZY. crazy.

Lastly, Anyah's 6 month old appointment was this week. She's 17.4 lbs. She is 26.5 inches long. She's 65% for height and 50% for weight. Perfectly average but a tiny bit tall. She is ahead on milestones (sitting up, swapping things hand to hand, rolling speed). The Doctor confirmed her cat allergy treatment again. He also encouraged my co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and table food giving parenting tactics. I love our pediatrician.

So that's it here. Every thing changing, growing, adapting, loving...

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Out Back

It's that time of year again... park time. I hate being hot so when the Autumn weather kicks in and it's finally cool again we find ourselves at the park. Any park will do. We've been to three parks in the last week.

Swings. Slides. Shady spots to look at the trees. Running as fast as you can on cool clipped grass. Things we'd do in the backyard every day if only we had a real back yard.
So for now... the park is our backyard...when we can find time to go there.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Layla can't say Halloween...she says "hall O Eenn" and she would rather you said trick or treat and she gave you candy... but she was still the most spirited pixie I've ever seen... there was a lot of dancing going on in this costume.
It was like something out of a fairy tale, watching a little girl experience life...

And Anyah was a true kitten, all playful one minute and then sassy the next minute...

But, like any good 6 month old she was 'purr-fect' once she got some treats in her tummy...

And me? Well I had a wicked good time too... the hubby (not pictured) went with us trick or treating some local family and we truly enjoyed most of our Halloween.
Hope you and yours had a Happy Halloween!