Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To Anyah @ 7 Months Old

My Ani,

You are watching me type this, your sitting up (straight) on the floor, staring at me like I should stop what I am doing right.this.second. and come play with you. Pay no mind to the fact that I just started typing... you want to be PLAYED WITH. I think you'll survive until sister gets up from her nap to entertain you... so we press on.

This month several things have changed...you became very interested in toys, you sit up unassisted all the time, you eat solid foods (by yourself with your fingers) and you have discovered that in a sitting position you can scoot yourself across the floor or that on your tummy you can turn in circles, plus you're not above rolling to get somewhere quickly. Your sister loves that you're suddenly so interactive but she'd greatly appreciate it if you would stop trying to eat her Fisher Price Lil' People... bless her heart she really believe's your going to hurt one with your single tooth.

You're still a little people watcher but recently you decided your not necessarily a people lover and now strangers occassionally reduce you to tears by trying to make eye contact and say hi to you. That's always interesting to watch. It's sort of like a tiny adorable time bomb I can throw at people whenever I want.

You like to bounce in the bouncer, ride in the car, and sit in swings at the park now. You still don't like mushy foods, loud noises or (as it turns out) most socks because girl you are VERY picky about socks and hats...they must be soft...but not fuzzy or thick. You've totally changed tides on that whole bath thing since we started putting you in a big bath with your sister. There is nothing more fun then kicking and splashing other people (unless of course you are the other person).

Layla and you have a special bond. Yesterday I gave Layla a cookie and she broke off a tiny piece and put it in your mouth. True love is actually evident any time a toddler is willing to share chocolate chip cookies. I think it was all the time you spent bonding over Backyardigans, because you both LOVE to watch that together.

We went to take family pictures earlier this month. They didn't go over well. But, in a moment of calm this little gem of a picture was taken of you. Your curly hair, your impish grin and tiny little elf ears... you look so much like your sister and yet so different, both beautiful but different... different is good.

This week is Thanksgiving, you'll have turkey and mashed potatoes and some sweet potatoes and more green beans (because you love a good green bean) and then all full and happy we'll cuddle in for a group afternoon nap (which has become a trend since mommy started working nights) and it will soon become my favorite thing about Thanksgiving, better than any parade or any feast... my two girls cuddled up with me and taking a nap.

Then Christmas will come to town and you'll see your first Christmas lights, and we'll sing silly songs (we already started that part actually) and you'll cry at Santa and watch the Christmas lights parade...and you'll have another milestone, and another tradition will be started, and another day I will spend marveling at how perfect you are as an addition to our family, just what we needed, like finding the last piece of a jig saw puzzle and snapping it into place.

Because love is always the perfect fit. And we love you, more and more every day.


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