Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Counter Gremlins

When this posts, I'll be cooking. I should start Wednesday morning with dough making, pie baking, side dish prepping and general clean up so that Thursday all I have to do is ...well...everything else. I love to cook, I actually look forward to these holiday meals more than you could possibly imagine.
The cooking's viral around here. Layla already has it and it doesn't matter if I am scrambling eggs or prepping for dinner guests... my little helper becomes a counter gremlin until I let her help. If I don't let her help she'll lay across the counter and watch me like I'm doing my own cooking show.
I usually let her help.
Anyah already loves to watch us cook and I know by this time next year I'll have two counter gremlins. Which I guess means that in a few years I won't have to peel my own potatoes anymore, gotta love that.

Plus, worse things could happen then spending time teaching your kids an awesome skill and bonding together... I mean she could like golf...*yuck*

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