Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Steps

At some point I'll get caught up. I have *almost* all the pictures from July posted on the girls photo blog now. Which sounds impressive until I point out that tomorrow is the first day of September (our busiest month of the year) and that I have all the pictures from the many things we did in August still to post. So coming soon to a photo blog near you there will be the following posts...
  • Park Playdates
  • Mia's First Birthday
  • Jon's 30th Birthday
  • Our trip to the Sacramento Train Museum
  • Anyah's First Baby Food
  • Our trip to Turlock Lake
  • The Girls 1st Bath together
  • A Lazy Saturday at home the first weekend after Mommy went back to work
  • Layla & Nannie's Puppy
  • Anyah rolling over
  • Anyah's first time in the Bumbo
  • Anyah's first time in the exersaucer
  • The girls playing with Emily and having ice cream in Nannie's Yard
  • Adorable pictures of Anyah finally laying on her tummy
  • The Washington Cousin's Birthday Party
  • At least 3 videos of various children doing adorable things


So being as we're doing a post in bullet points, why don't we talk about things coming up this month (in no particular order)

  • It is both open enrollment for health benefits and schedule bidding season at my work which means it's busy even when you're not busy
  • Anyah is teething & rolling...the combination of which keeps everyone on their toes
  • Layla is sick, I think she has a UTI (which will be confirmed with a test tomorrow at the Dr's) but needless to say a 2 year old with UTI has a lot of accidents and cries ALOT
  • It's Labor Day Weekend this weekend which means the Newman Fall Festival (because of the 2 bullet points before this one I might not make it but I am still going to try)
  • My Mom's Birthday is this weekend (stop by on her facebook at give her some love)
  • Our Anniversary is halfway through next week
  • My MRI is on our Anniversary right after work
  • I need an MRI...that's it own post so I am sure it earns it's own bullet point (most of the people who cared sent a text, called or messaged about this so I am not in a hurry to write this post but it will be a long one)
  • Layla's 3rd Birthay is coming quickly
  • Layla needs 3 year old pictures
  • Layla's party invitations need to be addressed and sent
  • Layla is having a party...that's also a big thing


So I'm sorry if I don't have time for much this week. This post was written entirely while my iPhone did a sync it's needed for over a month and then I'm going to write back to the 8 emails I've not had time for and head to bed where my baby is all snuggled in without me.

It's gonna be a long month... Mommy needs her sleep.

Big Daddio

I married him because he was just enough long haired hippy that I knew we'd be a perfect match. I watched him grow as a person, as a father, and as a technology junkie. I have been honored to experience many things with my husband, not the least of which was his 30th birthday last week.

He is a man of many talents with the heart of an all American Good Guy and the soul of a long haired rock drummer. He is handsome, charming and now that he's seen this post probably just a tiny bit more cocky than he was when he got up this morning.

Happy Birthday Jon! We love you *this much*

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Places We'll Go - Autumn Edition

The weather this August in California has been mild. Very mild. So mild that the last two times I have taken the girls to the park in the morning (we do that sometimes on the weekend so Daddy can sleep in) I've had to leave early and drive them around in the car with the heater on to get them all warm and toasty again.
So with the end of summer slowly trickling off behind us and my return to work hitting us hard last week I am totally glad that I once made that list of things to try and do over the summer and that we managed to check off most of them... so that got me thinking...

We go to the park. We go to Nannie's. We go to the grocery store. We go to the library. I go to work. Jon goes to get the mail. Every day we go somewhere... but it was really nice to have some ideas on hand of places to go on the weekends or on our days off when the free time was blankly there staring at us in the face.
So where will we be going this Autumn?
Well the first three things on the Autumn list are three things left over on the Summer list that we never got to (it wasn't bad really we did all of them but 4- one was a summer only activity) and then I thought up some new fun adventures we might try.
  • Go to the SF or Fresno Zoo
  • Paint Pottery at Color Me Mine in Modesto
  • Visit the Stockton Discovery Museum
  • Go to the Corn Maze & Pick out Pumpkins for Halloween
  • Picnic at Donnely Park & Feed the ducks before they are gone for winter
  • Go visit Pa at the Ranch and let Layla ride a real horse
  • Attend a Renaissance Faire with my husband and kids *this item has been removed frmo the list due to scheduling issues-until next year*
  • Go to the Newman Fall Festival (Labor Day Weekend)
  • Take the kids into the mountains to hike around in big trees
  • Have Layla help Mommy make bake bread on an Autumn Day
  • Gather a leaf collection and press them in a journal
  • Go apple picking & make a Pajama Party Apple Pie or caramel apples
  • Pick Halloween Costumes, attend a carnival and go trick or treating
  • Watch all our favorite Halloween movies with the girls & eat caramel popcorn

So that's a sample of 14 things you might catch us at this Autumn. Of course things tend to get added and subtracted from the list but it's good to have some ideas up your sleeve. I don't know how many we'll actually get done. September is a SUPER busy month for us every year...but darn it...we're gonna try.

I can smell the apple cinnamon candles and feel my warm fuzzy blanket on a rainy day already.

**this post has been/will be edited as things are done on the list **

To Anyah @ 4 Months Old

(sorry about the iPhone picture for your monthly post baby but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you give people this look)

My darling Anyah-bean,

Let me tell you four months with you seems like a lifetime of love. The other day I went back to look for an old picture of myself taken while I was pregnant and stumbled into some pictures of your sister from April before you were born and the folder seemed empty without some pictures of you in there with the pictures of her. It's like you've always been here.

This month you've progressed from newborn to baby. You sit up in your bumbo, swing, exersaucer, jumper or on the couch without help (ok not so much on the couch but you're working on that one). You've decided you're finally ok laying on your tummy to play (but only with daddy). You've started eating rice cereal because DUDE you are ALWAYS hungry. It's crazy!! And you have started actually playing with people and things. You still love rattle baby but you've also decided the purple elephant your sister used to love is amusing.

The thing that amuses you the most is definitely your big sister. You giggle while she dances and you stare at her while she plays rolling from side to side so you can keep an eye on her. She's recently decided you can be entertaining to. Before this month she was all about "oh no baby crying" and dragging us to your side. Now she's all about getting you toys, bottles, and pacifiers and making you life while your hanging out on the floor or in your exersaucer.

You still roll from your back to your tummy but you haven't adventured to roll the other way yet. You've also started putting your own pacifier back in when the mood strikes you. You have crazy hair and you have mastered the Jeffery stare down (pictured above) which you give people when they are doing something mildly amusing that is more annoying to you than pleasing...you know... like singing off key. That picture above was your first spoonful of baby food. It took me 6 minutes of stupidity to get your to laugh and open your mouth so I could get that spoonful in there.

You are a rock star of physical development. You sit better than some 6 month olds I know. You already push yourself up to standing position and can hold up your weight on your legs...you do that over and over and over.

So your likes include (but are not limited to)- soft jingling sounds, cuddling while being rocked to sleep, watching people do silly things, sitting upright, bubble baths (that switched lists), trees dancing in the breeze, co-sleeping, puppy kisses, and being talked to. Dislikes include (but are not limited to)- cold things, loud noises, daddy sneezing, when mommy leaves for work in the morning (oh yeah I went back to work this month), when sister tickles you (which isn't very soft and gentle yet), hats, extended tummy time, being held by people you don't know well and the rash you got from cat dander.

As far as personality goes you are the opposite of your big sister. Where she is sassy and playful and loud you still remain peaceful, content and observant. You guys make the perfect pair though, balancing each other out and playing off of each others strengths. Good times. I enjoy taking you both out to fun outings and watching how you process things differently. Her running around trying every single thing she can think of while squeeling...you grinning shyly, watching intently and trying to take in every little detail.

So we enter month four with a wide variety of new things ahead of us... I mean your eating things, you napped in your crib once, mommy went back to work so you are getting to know Nannie and Daddy better, you're moving around more, your rocking your punk hair, you love your sister, you live in every moment this most aware and peaceful breath of fresh air.
Four months... and you've changed the way I look at everything... because even though my heart feels like you've always been a part of me... my soul is drinking in the newness of your tiny little life.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting it Together

This was eye level in our closet under the stairs last week.
The stuff was stacked eye level high from the very back all the way to the door.

Two days ago we went on a mission to clean out the closet and get it put back into some sort of order. It didn't take long once Layla was at Nannie's house and Jon was alternating between helping me with the closet and helping me with Anyah.
This is what this week is made of at our house. Monday I go back to work. I already had a conference call with work this week and the reality of "oh my god I'm leaving my baby at home" has finally sunk in all the way.

I think I am ready.
My mom is staying with the girls here at the house every day until Jon or I gets home from work. That is a HUGE blessing. I love leaving my girls with someone I know loves them enough to always do the right thing for them.
But, I don't want to leave her here in chaos. So closets have been cleaned out. Bathroom cabinets organized, dishes put back where they are supposed to be, pantries sorted, baby clothes have been put in right drawers for easy access.
Mainly, I am trying to get my shit together so I can hopefully spend a few days feeling like my shit is together before it all changes back to working mom chaos.
I am blessed to have a job and to have had 5 months at home (1 with just Layla and almost 4 with both girls). Now if I could just keep that perspective while I hyperventilate about Monday.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

A nuclear warcloud of family drama hit here a month ago. If you are reading this then it hasn't resolved itself because I am writing this post and setting it to post on 8/8 which will be three weeks after "it" happened.

I'm fighting the same battles only now instead of people being understanding and saying they are going to do something about it... now they'd rather say things they can't take back and leave.

Lesson learned on both parts...

You probably learned not to ask why someone is pissed unless you're ready to deal with it.

I learned that sometimes people can't love you enough to choose you over something else.

So if you're reading this it's been a month and I'm sure the yelling was followed by a long period of silence because everyone is pissed and we all should be. I am watching something/someone drive a wedge between me and my father that hurts so much I can't even look at it anymore with an objective eye.

What would you sacrifice for love?

God I hope I don't have to answer that question...because you shouldn't ask yourself questions you're not ready to deal with.

Let's Pretend

My Laylabug has a HUGE imagination. She's currently sitting on the floor playing with her doll house, the Mommy & Daddy doll have been taking turns kissing the baby and putting her to bed.
This week we busted out the dress up clothes that got handed down last year (but were a little too big at the time) and Layla spent the day bouncing from princess to princess, sometimes combining them to make her own princess.
Last week she was a doggy most of the time because Nannie got a new puppy so now she's got more stuff in her catalog of doggy behaviors to mimic.
She takes her fingers and pretends they are people on an adventure, walking her fingers up her arm and pretending it's a slide to slide back down.
It's amazing to watch a little person come up with this stuff all on their own.
It's also sort of fun to get in on the action. I think I'll go have a pretend juice and some cake made of blocks and served on tiny dishes now.

Splashin' Good Times

Layla and cousin Faith playing in the water...
Jorie was nice enough to hold Anyah for awhile so she could watch everyone splashing about...
(the baby in the background is Brooke, none of the pictures of her that I took came out well)

The girl cousin's from Washington have birthday's that are remarkably close together. Mel & Garratt decided to bring the girls down for Faith's 3rd Birthday and Brooke's 1st Birthday so that they could celebrate with family.

There were sprinklers, kiddie pools, chalk and cake...all the makings of good times when you are little. Layla loved seeing the girls and talked about it the next day.
Happy Birthday Girls...

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sacramento & Trains!

Alternate Title : Why I married Jon...

So yesterday I had big plans which fell completely apart in oh I don't know...4 minutes... right about the time I got up.

So today I got up and immediately asked Layla if she wanted to go to the park (so daddy could sleep in) and let me tell you...never before in the history of the world as a toddler wanted to go to the park more. There was jumping around, there was speed style hair brushing and dressing and off to the park we went.

With a small detour to the local Starbucks first of course...

So two small children and I found ourselves at the park just before 8 am armed with sugary goodness and the play commenced. After an hour being trapped by the park sprinklers in weird areas of the playground they finally let us free to play where-ever we wanted and a few other kids from the neighborhood wandered in and out to play (without parents) and were all wonderful to my overly excited 2 year old.

After 2 and a half hours we packed up and headed home (but Layla wanted to drive around and look for a train first). While looking for a train on a track in Turlock Layla had a potty accident so we went home (to her dismay) and we woke up daddy (with the loudness of her dismay) and he suggested we take her to Sacramento to see real trains.

Ok his suggestion was "too bad it's already 10 we could have taken her to Sac to see the trian museum" and my answer was "that's a great idea we could eat lunch at Joe's Crab Shack first"

and that's all it took...

In 30 minutes Jon was showered and dressed, all little people had been prepped and packed for travel and we were on the road to Sacramento (with a brief stop for more Starbucks of course).

The kids were great in the car, Layla talked about trains the whole way and we prepped her for "first we'll watch boats on the river and eat lunch then we'll see choo choo trains". When we arrived I slipped Anyah in the carrier and we went to lunch on the outdoor patio and watched some boats and ate yummy things.

Then off to the train museum for a few hours before Anyah (who napped in the carrier) decided she was hot and she had had enough. Then back to the car with a choo choo train for home and back on the road.

Always marry someone with the same level of get up and go as you have...

Today we had nothing... except for that quick trip to the park and the road trip to AWESOME followed by a trip home to play with new things...

I can't imagine how boring life would be if we *always* had a plan.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

We're hot but we're here

Wow when things get busy around here they really get busy. We've been to the fair (pictures included in this post) and we've got a birthday party this week and another one next week. Jon's 30th birthday is coming up at the end of the month. I go back to work in 2 weeks (well more like 1 and a half now). It's busy busy busy. And I have so much to blog about but I keep writing half of blog posts and not finishing them and I have a few I REALLY need to finish so hopefully I'll get to that soon.

So a few small updates to hold you over.

Anyah is laughing, rolling over, holding her head up, playing in exersaucers, grabbing toys and shaking them and eating...boy is she eating...which means she's growing like a champ. Other than an intense dislike for loud noises and being VERY attached to Mommy she's a very content baby. And right now she is teething (or at least it seems like she is teething) so she's had me very busy with lots of cuddling, bouncing and walking in circles.
Layla is potty trained and we don't really have accidents at home anymore. She's very into puppies (Nannie just got one), ice cream, drawing/painting and acting like a silly crazy tiny person. She really enjoyed the fair and was a good sport about rides until it was bedtime and then she was done and ready to go home. She's a tiny bossy little thing which is amusing since both her parents are also bossy so we just all sit around being stubborn and waiting to see what happens next.
Family life is good. Busy... but good. Birthday's to attend, birthday's and anniversaries to plan, jobs to get back to and a busy hubby work schedule too...
We're blessed to be stressed around here.