Sunday, August 22, 2010

To Anyah @ 4 Months Old

(sorry about the iPhone picture for your monthly post baby but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you give people this look)

My darling Anyah-bean,

Let me tell you four months with you seems like a lifetime of love. The other day I went back to look for an old picture of myself taken while I was pregnant and stumbled into some pictures of your sister from April before you were born and the folder seemed empty without some pictures of you in there with the pictures of her. It's like you've always been here.

This month you've progressed from newborn to baby. You sit up in your bumbo, swing, exersaucer, jumper or on the couch without help (ok not so much on the couch but you're working on that one). You've decided you're finally ok laying on your tummy to play (but only with daddy). You've started eating rice cereal because DUDE you are ALWAYS hungry. It's crazy!! And you have started actually playing with people and things. You still love rattle baby but you've also decided the purple elephant your sister used to love is amusing.

The thing that amuses you the most is definitely your big sister. You giggle while she dances and you stare at her while she plays rolling from side to side so you can keep an eye on her. She's recently decided you can be entertaining to. Before this month she was all about "oh no baby crying" and dragging us to your side. Now she's all about getting you toys, bottles, and pacifiers and making you life while your hanging out on the floor or in your exersaucer.

You still roll from your back to your tummy but you haven't adventured to roll the other way yet. You've also started putting your own pacifier back in when the mood strikes you. You have crazy hair and you have mastered the Jeffery stare down (pictured above) which you give people when they are doing something mildly amusing that is more annoying to you than know... like singing off key. That picture above was your first spoonful of baby food. It took me 6 minutes of stupidity to get your to laugh and open your mouth so I could get that spoonful in there.

You are a rock star of physical development. You sit better than some 6 month olds I know. You already push yourself up to standing position and can hold up your weight on your do that over and over and over.

So your likes include (but are not limited to)- soft jingling sounds, cuddling while being rocked to sleep, watching people do silly things, sitting upright, bubble baths (that switched lists), trees dancing in the breeze, co-sleeping, puppy kisses, and being talked to. Dislikes include (but are not limited to)- cold things, loud noises, daddy sneezing, when mommy leaves for work in the morning (oh yeah I went back to work this month), when sister tickles you (which isn't very soft and gentle yet), hats, extended tummy time, being held by people you don't know well and the rash you got from cat dander.

As far as personality goes you are the opposite of your big sister. Where she is sassy and playful and loud you still remain peaceful, content and observant. You guys make the perfect pair though, balancing each other out and playing off of each others strengths. Good times. I enjoy taking you both out to fun outings and watching how you process things differently. Her running around trying every single thing she can think of while grinning shyly, watching intently and trying to take in every little detail.

So we enter month four with a wide variety of new things ahead of us... I mean your eating things, you napped in your crib once, mommy went back to work so you are getting to know Nannie and Daddy better, you're moving around more, your rocking your punk hair, you love your sister, you live in every moment this most aware and peaceful breath of fresh air.
Four months... and you've changed the way I look at everything... because even though my heart feels like you've always been a part of me... my soul is drinking in the newness of your tiny little life.

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