Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sacramento & Trains!

Alternate Title : Why I married Jon...

So yesterday I had big plans which fell completely apart in oh I don't know...4 minutes... right about the time I got up.

So today I got up and immediately asked Layla if she wanted to go to the park (so daddy could sleep in) and let me tell you...never before in the history of the world as a toddler wanted to go to the park more. There was jumping around, there was speed style hair brushing and dressing and off to the park we went.

With a small detour to the local Starbucks first of course...

So two small children and I found ourselves at the park just before 8 am armed with sugary goodness and the play commenced. After an hour being trapped by the park sprinklers in weird areas of the playground they finally let us free to play where-ever we wanted and a few other kids from the neighborhood wandered in and out to play (without parents) and were all wonderful to my overly excited 2 year old.

After 2 and a half hours we packed up and headed home (but Layla wanted to drive around and look for a train first). While looking for a train on a track in Turlock Layla had a potty accident so we went home (to her dismay) and we woke up daddy (with the loudness of her dismay) and he suggested we take her to Sacramento to see real trains.

Ok his suggestion was "too bad it's already 10 we could have taken her to Sac to see the trian museum" and my answer was "that's a great idea we could eat lunch at Joe's Crab Shack first"

and that's all it took...

In 30 minutes Jon was showered and dressed, all little people had been prepped and packed for travel and we were on the road to Sacramento (with a brief stop for more Starbucks of course).

The kids were great in the car, Layla talked about trains the whole way and we prepped her for "first we'll watch boats on the river and eat lunch then we'll see choo choo trains". When we arrived I slipped Anyah in the carrier and we went to lunch on the outdoor patio and watched some boats and ate yummy things.

Then off to the train museum for a few hours before Anyah (who napped in the carrier) decided she was hot and she had had enough. Then back to the car with a choo choo train for home and back on the road.

Always marry someone with the same level of get up and go as you have...

Today we had nothing... except for that quick trip to the park and the road trip to AWESOME followed by a trip home to play with new things...

I can't imagine how boring life would be if we *always* had a plan.

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