Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Places We'll Go - Autumn Edition

The weather this August in California has been mild. Very mild. So mild that the last two times I have taken the girls to the park in the morning (we do that sometimes on the weekend so Daddy can sleep in) I've had to leave early and drive them around in the car with the heater on to get them all warm and toasty again.
So with the end of summer slowly trickling off behind us and my return to work hitting us hard last week I am totally glad that I once made that list of things to try and do over the summer and that we managed to check off most of them... so that got me thinking...

We go to the park. We go to Nannie's. We go to the grocery store. We go to the library. I go to work. Jon goes to get the mail. Every day we go somewhere... but it was really nice to have some ideas on hand of places to go on the weekends or on our days off when the free time was blankly there staring at us in the face.
So where will we be going this Autumn?
Well the first three things on the Autumn list are three things left over on the Summer list that we never got to (it wasn't bad really we did all of them but 4- one was a summer only activity) and then I thought up some new fun adventures we might try.
  • Go to the SF or Fresno Zoo
  • Paint Pottery at Color Me Mine in Modesto
  • Visit the Stockton Discovery Museum
  • Go to the Corn Maze & Pick out Pumpkins for Halloween
  • Picnic at Donnely Park & Feed the ducks before they are gone for winter
  • Go visit Pa at the Ranch and let Layla ride a real horse
  • Attend a Renaissance Faire with my husband and kids *this item has been removed frmo the list due to scheduling issues-until next year*
  • Go to the Newman Fall Festival (Labor Day Weekend)
  • Take the kids into the mountains to hike around in big trees
  • Have Layla help Mommy make bake bread on an Autumn Day
  • Gather a leaf collection and press them in a journal
  • Go apple picking & make a Pajama Party Apple Pie or caramel apples
  • Pick Halloween Costumes, attend a carnival and go trick or treating
  • Watch all our favorite Halloween movies with the girls & eat caramel popcorn

So that's a sample of 14 things you might catch us at this Autumn. Of course things tend to get added and subtracted from the list but it's good to have some ideas up your sleeve. I don't know how many we'll actually get done. September is a SUPER busy month for us every year...but darn it...we're gonna try.

I can smell the apple cinnamon candles and feel my warm fuzzy blanket on a rainy day already.

**this post has been/will be edited as things are done on the list **

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