Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting it Together

This was eye level in our closet under the stairs last week.
The stuff was stacked eye level high from the very back all the way to the door.

Two days ago we went on a mission to clean out the closet and get it put back into some sort of order. It didn't take long once Layla was at Nannie's house and Jon was alternating between helping me with the closet and helping me with Anyah.
This is what this week is made of at our house. Monday I go back to work. I already had a conference call with work this week and the reality of "oh my god I'm leaving my baby at home" has finally sunk in all the way.

I think I am ready.
My mom is staying with the girls here at the house every day until Jon or I gets home from work. That is a HUGE blessing. I love leaving my girls with someone I know loves them enough to always do the right thing for them.
But, I don't want to leave her here in chaos. So closets have been cleaned out. Bathroom cabinets organized, dishes put back where they are supposed to be, pantries sorted, baby clothes have been put in right drawers for easy access.
Mainly, I am trying to get my shit together so I can hopefully spend a few days feeling like my shit is together before it all changes back to working mom chaos.
I am blessed to have a job and to have had 5 months at home (1 with just Layla and almost 4 with both girls). Now if I could just keep that perspective while I hyperventilate about Monday.

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L.M. said...

it's tough I know... but we'll all get through it...