Tuesday, August 03, 2010

We're hot but we're here

Wow when things get busy around here they really get busy. We've been to the fair (pictures included in this post) and we've got a birthday party this week and another one next week. Jon's 30th birthday is coming up at the end of the month. I go back to work in 2 weeks (well more like 1 and a half now). It's busy busy busy. And I have so much to blog about but I keep writing half of blog posts and not finishing them and I have a few I REALLY need to finish so hopefully I'll get to that soon.

So a few small updates to hold you over.

Anyah is laughing, rolling over, holding her head up, playing in exersaucers, grabbing toys and shaking them and eating...boy is she eating...which means she's growing like a champ. Other than an intense dislike for loud noises and being VERY attached to Mommy she's a very content baby. And right now she is teething (or at least it seems like she is teething) so she's had me very busy with lots of cuddling, bouncing and walking in circles.
Layla is potty trained and we don't really have accidents at home anymore. She's very into puppies (Nannie just got one), ice cream, drawing/painting and acting like a silly crazy tiny person. She really enjoyed the fair and was a good sport about rides until it was bedtime and then she was done and ready to go home. She's a tiny bossy little thing which is amusing since both her parents are also bossy so we just all sit around being stubborn and waiting to see what happens next.
Family life is good. Busy... but good. Birthday's to attend, birthday's and anniversaries to plan, jobs to get back to and a busy hubby work schedule too...
We're blessed to be stressed around here.

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