Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Disneyland Day 5- The Ears Tradition

We knew going into this trip that it was supposed to be about experiences and not things so right off the bat we told the girls no presents from Mommy and Daddy until Thursday and I knew the whole time that present was going to be ears. I still have my ears. It's a tradition. So before the parade we went to get their ears (complete with names on the back) and then the girls watched the Dapper Dans with Daddy while the names were put on. After that we sent Jon and Layla to ride her last ride for the trip and Grammy and Anyah and I staked out a spot to watch the parade. The girls still love their ears and I know they will get a lot of wear this year and for years to come. We also got them a small toy so they had something more to play with but we didn't go crazy with suprises.

Disneyland Day 5- Mid-day and the Rollercoaster

After Disney Junior Grammi took Layla on Monster's Inc while Anyah and I used the restroom and met Mike & Sully from a distance (she didn't want to get too close). Then we met back up with daddy for a quick picture on the pier and a ride on the new Ariel ride (not impressed) we wanted to do the Toy Story ride but it was packed so we checked out the Army Men Drumming and then headed back to the hotel so everyone could take a nap. After the nap, Layla gathered all my pennies and we headed back to Anyah's happy place otherwise known as the wishing well and made some wishes. Then we took Layla to ride her first big kid ride (Thunder Mountain Railroad) which she loved while Anyah had some time with Grammi. Then we tried to check out the petting zoo but the pumpkin people totally freaked Layla out and we headed to the Tiki Room instead. Anyah was pooped and she needed a singing birdy break.

Also, on this day we ate corndogs for lunch by the area where employees enter from backstage in Disneyland. One of the cowboys (Saspirilla Jim) entered while we were eating and I pointed him out to Layla. He actually took the time to turn around and come back to talk to her. She talks about him in her stories. Good man Jim... good man.

Disneyland Day 5- Disney Junior Live!!

After breakfast we went to Disney Junior Live with Grammi. We were the first people in line for the first show so the girls got front row seats (which Anyah only escaped once) and had a great time dancing with Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins and Handy Manny. It was very interactive and Layla still talks about it so I highly recommend it if you have a toddler/preschooler.

Disneyland Day 5- Breakfast at the Carnation Cafe

On Thursday morning after a wedding that goes on well passed 1 am the easiest way to get yourself out of bed is the promise of Mickey Mouse shaped waffles. Traditionally, Jon and I eat inside the park every day for every meal but we didn't on this trip for several reasons (budget, wedding dinners, small children) anyhow... we knew we wanted to go to the Carnation Cafe at least once. Oscar wasn't there but the girls enjoyed their first Mickey shaped waffles. Then we said bye bye to Jon for a bit while he went to get his tux back to the Best Man to return and headed off with Grammi to see PLAYHOUSE DISNEY!!

Disneyland & The Fish Wedding

First let me apologize for the quality of these pictures. I forgot the camera. I got ready by myself at one end of the Disneyland area and walked to the whole other end before I remembered. So these are iPhone pictures (no flash). Some of the pictures were Jon's and some mine.

Jon was a groomsmen so I met up with him just before the wedding to say "hi, you look nice, hold your wives ID she doesn't have pockets in this dress" and then I didn't see him really again until after the wedding. Jon also sat with the wedding party at the reception so I spent my night in the company of Devon and the Santos family who made me feel right at home.

The wedding was lovely. It was in the Garden by the Disneyland hotel and it was decorated awesomely. The reception was INSIDE Disneyland. So we were escorted back to the park after it closed, taken to the reception on a private train ride and then we got to see the Haunted Mansion in it's nighttime Nightmare Before Christmas Splendor while we had the drinks reception by the New Orleans Fountain and then a private dinner and dancing. It was all lovely. iPhone's don't do the lovely wedding couple, wedding party or decor justice. I'll steal better pictures from others later.

Also, on your way out you got to be privately escorted out of lite Main Street passed the castle while the park was vacant and it's BEAUTIFUL... just like the Fish Family. We heart Chris and Brandy and love that we got to share this experience with them and support them on this new part of their relationship.