Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Disneyland Day 5- The Ears Tradition

We knew going into this trip that it was supposed to be about experiences and not things so right off the bat we told the girls no presents from Mommy and Daddy until Thursday and I knew the whole time that present was going to be ears. I still have my ears. It's a tradition. So before the parade we went to get their ears (complete with names on the back) and then the girls watched the Dapper Dans with Daddy while the names were put on. After that we sent Jon and Layla to ride her last ride for the trip and Grammy and Anyah and I staked out a spot to watch the parade. The girls still love their ears and I know they will get a lot of wear this year and for years to come. We also got them a small toy so they had something more to play with but we didn't go crazy with suprises.

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