Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Disneyland Day 4- A Morning Full of Photo Ops

On our 4th day at Disneyland we decided to knock out some character pictures. First stop in the park was the Pixie Hollow where the girls met Iradessa and Tink. Layla loved Iradessa who immediately noticed her light up princess shoes and asked her if she was a fairie too. Layla wasn't too sure about either fairie and wouldn't let them touch her but we still got cute photos. Layla still talks about meeting Tink. Then we headed to Tomorrow land where Layla chickened out of the Rockets and instead we were going to ride the Autotopia (Anyah was alas too short) so Layla rode with Grammi while Daddy, Anyah and I took a look at the ears and hats in Tomorrow Land while she ran around like a wild free baby. Then we all met up again and went to meet Princesses. There were 2 princesses available after our hour and half wait (yes you heard that right) and while we did manage to entertain Anyah for awhile and take a decent family photo...we eventually had to let Grammi take Anyah on a walk in the stroller while she took a walking nap (the only kind she'll take in the park) she missed the princesses but she'll see them next time. Layla got to meet Snow White (who was actually unmemorable at best) and Aurora. Aurora was amazing and actually asked her about her vacation, her favorite rides and her princess shoes. Layla is now equally smitten with Aurora and rapunzel (who she never met). We didn't care that Cinderella wasn't there because honestly Layla has only barely seen the movie and has no idea who she is. After that we rode a ride in toon town and grabbed lunch. Layla flipped out about her hotdog scenerio (her only Disney trip fit) and then we went to find the Snow White wishing well so she could use the penny she found to wish to be happy. It seems to have worked and she at her lunch outside the castle while Anyah waited impatiently because she loved the wishing well and wanted to go back. We then let Grammi go to meet up with her friends and daddy walked us back to the hotel for a nap and then he went back to ride rides. After nap there was more park for the next post...(again sorry for the random picture order)

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