Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Disneyland Day 4- The Middles

Suprise suprise the pictures are once again not in order.

This part of the day was officially after nap but before the wedding. Confusing much? Yeah, we'll just call it the middle. We were supposed to meet Grammi at 2 pm back at the park but the girls were still asleep so Grammi came to us at the hotel. Then we all walked back to the park and road the train. Let me tell you that the train which stops for people to load and unload and you just sit on and wait is Anyah's personal version of hell. I sang, I bounced, I fed, I begged, I pleaded, I provided her with toys... and two stops later we were off because GOD LORDY that girl can scream. No more train for her dang it. I road Autotopia with Layla and by the time we got off it Anyah had eatten a little popcorn with Grammi and went right back to sleep so Grammi took Anyah back to the hotel for some quiet time and bath (I think she was just over stimulated) and Layla and I went off to face her fears. Err... I mean ride a ride. Layla was freaked out by "flying" rides like Dumbo and the Astro Orbitors but after a ride on the tea cups (again) I talked her into riding Dumbo with the disclaimer that she would not at any time have to go up or down because there was a button and she could push it. She freaked out the whole 15 minutes in line (clinging to my leg and what not) and then of course as soon as the ride took off she immediately hit the button (over and over and over) and then RAN to the Astro Orbitor (which we rode twice- once as high as she could and then once up and down so much I thought I'd hurl). Then I had to go back to get ready for the wedding and she got to go play with Grammi and her new bubble blaster gun.

And for the record, confronting your fears ROCKS!! I am so proud of her. If you ask her right now what her favorite part of Disneyland is she will always say Dumbo and the up down rockets. She was so proud of herself and it's now what she wants to do first next time.

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