Monday, March 31, 2008

Party Like A Rockstar

A few photos for your enjoyment from my party like a rockstar themed b-day party!! Enjoy! (Thanks to everyone who sent me pictures after camera number 2 broke this weekend). For those of you with access I put up more pictures on myspace. :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008


For my birthday I decided to have a go at being someone else... some with cute trendy hair... what do you think?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Layla @ 6 Months

Your 6th little month of life decided to mark itself with Mommy's 29th birthday and the sudden death of the camera which costs $110 to fix so this time your monthly photo is two days old. Sorry about that.
You recently had a growth spurt. I know this because daddy raised your exersaucer so you weren't standing flat footed in it last week and today when I put you in it if you stand up straight (which you can do flat footed) you aren't even sitting in the seat. It's lovely how you hardly ever grow but then when you do it's by leaps and bounds.
You are 27 inches long. The same length as your cousin Faith, but you are 5 pounds lighter, a mere 15 pounds of baby love. I blame this on your father. You got his metabolism and his desire to eat tiny meals often. Every 2 hours or so. Lucky you, you will be tall and thin and the boys will love you. Poor daddy, he's going to have to start collecting guns.

This month you also found your scream. You've always been a babbler but now you scream with delite, fear or boredom. Hey why waste a good scream?
Papa Mark and Susan bought you a dog that is a puppet. When you put your hand in it and squeeze it's mouth open and shut it sings "close to you". This is now your FAVORITE thing on the planet. It makes anything better even the flu or socks. You hear the song and instantly you are happy. I am slightly jealous that a dog has stolen my trademark ability to solve all that ails you. But also a little happy that now the Nana's and Daddy's of the world can get you to giggle when you are pissed off. You also make me sing you the song when you are sleepy and fighting it. I think daddy probably hates that song now.
You like skirts, bare feet, sunlight, "outside", apples with bananas & pears from gerber, trying to eat the flowers, your stuffed elephant and pulling mommy's she's cutting it off today. You like giggling, flying through the air, hanging upside down and thrill seeking in any form. You like to move, roll, scoot and scout out new adventures and just this week you discovered that if you slam your body hard enough to one side or the other people will move you that way. You are always in control, always curious and always touching something you probably shouldn't be. Even in your sleep you are petting daddy's facial hair or holding mommy's shirt if you can manage it...sometimes even both at once.
This month you officially went from being my newborn to being my baby girl. Complete with ruffled skirts and batting eyelashes. You are nearly fearless, almost always curious and open to new experiences and I am loving watching you interact with things for the first time. In fact, I think I'll go do that now... bye internet!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's my little secret

Jon thinks I am ever the pillow hog. Sometimes I steal his pillows before he goes to bed. But I try to keep myself from doing that. Instead I wait until he goes to work Saturday mornings and the moment I hear his shower start I reach over and grab his pillow. I squish it up and place it under my head.
His pillow is so much better than mine. But the problem with that statement is we don't have "assigned" pillows. See what makes his pillow so great is that is smells like him. It's this strange mixture of coffee, axe body spray, sweaty boy and well and something else that I've never been able to describe. It's always still slightly warm and it feels so good pressed against my face.
I'm not a cuddler it makes me hot but it's comforting to me to know that his smell is there. And sometimes I come to bed and find my daughter like the picture above. It's ok though, I know her dirty secret. She just wants to squish her face up against a soft pillow that smells like us.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Thin Line

This evening I took the last of the potatoes and the last of the eggs and made dinner. We're officially parents now. Instead of lunch this week we'll be buying one more thing of formula and one more package of baby wipes (which all the sudden we go through 3 times as many of). It's ok though. We both get paid at the end of the week.

Jon told me a few weeks ago that he was tired of being an adult. I can't say I disagree but I think the advantages of being a parent and a grown up far outway the disadvantages. I often wonder though if that feeling ever goes away... you know the one where you just feel like you're pretending to be an adult because you know you are one and that's what adults are supposed to do. I mean are our parents in their 50's thinking... man I still want to be 16 but dang it I'm an adult or does it go away after awhile.

Speaking of things that go away after awhile... has anyone seen my sex drive? I think I lost it right about the time I lost my stretch mark free stomach and limitless budget. Anyhow... if you find it could you give it to Jon he's been trying to find it. I mean I could care less but the guy is going to get rather testy about it eventually. You know how boys get when they lose things.

The new job is going well. People ask all the time. The truth is I'm good at it, they seem to like me and it's challenging. It's just going to take awhile to either adapt to the crazy way they do things or have a hostile take over until they do things my way.

In the interim... if anyone needs me I'll be the one standing on a tight rope above insanity trying to pretend like it's not scary.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I know I should post

People are starting to get on me because I never post on this site anymore. So I'm going to start trying to get to it a couple times a week instead of just once every weekend. But it's so busy and distracting around here I'm not making any promises. After all, I have important things to do, like taking pictures to embarrass my daughter with when she's old enough to realize this really isn't that cool.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Where has it gone

I remember when my daughter was born she had a full head of dark brown hair, over time it's lightened and some of it (if not most of it) has fallen out and now I have what looks like a normal baby worth of hair on top of her little head, it sticks straight up, and with the exception of a small bald spot from pushing herself around on her back on the floor it covers her entire scalp in a thin layer.

The funny thing is I never really noticed it was falling out until today when I looked at a picture from when I first brought her home. In that picture her eyes were bright blue, her hair was thick and brown and she was so tiny. Now she's so long and so aware and her hair is almost gone. But, despite all that I never noticed.

It was a small trickle, this growing thing... so slow and small that I never really realized that it had been 5 months, so slow I never noticed that it was life passing before me. Wonder what else I missed.