Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disneyland Night 3- Downtown Disney Dinner at Rainforest Cafe

On the third night Jon and the rest of the wedding party had to go to the rehearsal which was at the Disneyland Hotel on the far end of Downtown Disney from our hotel so we decided that would be the perfect night for dinner in Downtown Disney. We picked the Rainforest Cafe since we had never been there and we had to practically run with the two kids for Grammi and I to get there on time to make that reservation. Grammi, George's Parents and Devon joined the girls and I to claim our table and we waited for Jared, George and Jon to show up before we ate dinner. It seemed like a super long wait and the kids weren't nearly as entertained by the giant fish tanks and sudden rain showers as I had hoped but they were still pretty well behaved. When the boys arrived we ordered food and everything tasted great. Then we talked back through Downtown Disney on our way back to the hotel. I love the atmosphere of Downtown Disney after dark and the kids enjoyed stopping by the World of Disney store for a special suprise and dancing to the music along the way. Layla pretended to play the violin with her glow stick wands and Anyah waved Hi to every person we passed until the fact that it was WAY passed her bedtime kicked in and then we scurried back to our hotel to put her to bed. (can you blame us? check out that stink eye photo!!)

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