Saturday, October 22, 2011

Disneyland Day 2- Grammi Chris Arrives

Once again, these pictures are going to be very out of order. Blogger just doesn't like me today and I have hundreds of pictures and several days I want to get through this morning so I am not going to try and fix it.

Monday, Grammi Chris arrived to watch the girls. Grammi Chris is Jon's mom and she lives in South Carolina so the girls only see her about once a year. The last time she was here was right after Anyah was born. I was a little worried the girls would be shy but Layla stuck to her like white on rice (even sleeping in her bed) most of the week and Layla's quick stick to Grammi made Anyah feel comfortable so we did just fine.

Layla and Daddy picked up Grammi from the airport while Ani and I went to the park for an hour and then she wanted to go back and take a nap. During our hour we rode It's a Small World 2 times back to back...that's why parenting is hard people...repeat trips to your least favorite ride. Hopefully she'll read this one day and know how much I must have loved her.

Once we all met up again we had some McDonald's in the hotel room and headed back to the park to ride some rides before Jon and I headed off to the Bachlorette and Bachelor parties.

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