Saturday, October 22, 2011

Disneyland Day 1- Hanging with Friends

The first day at the park was the only day we truly got to hang out with our friends. We arrived at the park, checked in at the hotel *cue drama*, checked in for our Annual passes (which is a little labor intensive with 3 steps), rode a ride and then found everyone else (well technically we had already found Chris and Brandy). Then we went into the park. This pictures loaded backwards... First we took the girls on the Teacups, then there was Mr. Toads Wild Ride with everyone else and It's a Small World with everyone else. Both girls loved the tea cups, Layla asked to do Mr Toad a second time and the next day Anyah made me ride "singing baby world 2 more times" after that thankfully she burnt out because she doesn't know all the words to the song and Mommy was going crazy listening to her. Anyah on It's a Small World.
This is Chris Fish, he got married at Disneyland and that's why we were there. The girls took to Chris very quickly. Also in the picture is Godfather George and his brother Jared who were Groomsmen with Daddy in the wedding. Layla had her own Entourage that first day which was awesome.

Anyah was a little freaked out by the crowd. Normally she only gets bottles and pacifiers during nap time but we made an exception on this trip so she could feel comforted. You'll be seeing a lot of "ba ba" pictures I'm sure.

See that? That's the look your kids have for about 10 minutes during and after each Disneyland ride, then you get in another line and it goes away until the next ride starts.

This is as close as we get to a token under the Disney flowers picture, we took it while Daddy was getting his Annual Pass Photo... I don't get the whole flower picture obsession... but we tried for your sake.

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