Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I come home in the still dark, cold, earliest of morning before the sun dares to shine but after the moon has begun to fade.

I tiptoe thru creeping hardwood hallways and kick off shoes, stripping away work worries with my work clothing.

I climb into bed, sometimes forced to meld myself around babies camped in the safe haven of my blankets no longer worried about things that went bump in the night.

I doze half hearted until 30 minutes or an hour passes and the first wisp of sunlight stirs tiny people like flowers in the morning sun slowly up from bed.

We stumble, a tiny parade of bed head, heavy feet and tired eyes to the living room where we soak up love and kisses until from half awake hugs in fuzzy blankets they revive to run about making noise and reenacting scenes from the morning Disney entourage.

And the noise grows, and the light gets brighter through the French doors, until the baby demands breakfast and the big girl demands to help...

Then comes the quiet, like ebb and flow... Ushered in with cinnamon toast smiles and chased away with sugar coated giggles....

And it is my morning.

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