Saturday, October 22, 2011

Disneyland Day 2- Meeting the Characters, Ridin' the Rides

These pictures are absolutely not in order. Day 2 after we picked up Grammi we went back to the park and rode some rides (I honestly don't remember which ones) and on day 2 Anyah took a second nap and Grammi suprised her with the stuffed Donald Duck she asked for the whole first day and 2nd morning. We met a lot of Characters (Layla met Pluto and Chip while we were napping) and then we all met Mickey, Minnie and when we went to California Disney Adventure we met Handy Manny. The picture on a ride is Buzz Lightyear which Layla loved shooting things on. In the end we grabbed Layla hot dog kids meal and Anyah some fruit (which she loves) and sent them back to the hotel with Grammi and the adults went to the Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties in Downtown Disney (no pictures there- sorry what happens pre wedding- stays pre wedding (just kidding)).

Also, for the record, there are only 2 ways this can go. Either your kids love the characters or they are terrified. Anyah and Layla both ran at characters with open arms for big hugs and secret sharing so for that I am very greatful. It was a wonder thing to watch my babies meet their favorite "people".

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