Friday, October 21, 2011

The Land Of Mouse

We took the girls on their first trip to Disneyland. I plan on posting a day by day recap including a small post about Brandy & Chris Fish's wedding since that's why we were there once my muscles stop aching and my kids settle down. Until then... here are some highlight family shots to hold you over while I edit the 398 other pictures. I insisted the girls get mouse ears since I own my first pair and it's a huge milestone to get ears. We're annual passholders now so we'll be going back several times this year (now that we know the girls can handle it) and that means they'll get a lot of wear.

The girls enjoyed walking around until their feet hurt and then rolling around in the stroller or being carried by whomever they could talk into it after that. This shot was Layla walking Anyah to the wishing well because she found 2 cents on the ground and wanted to make another wish.

We took a lot of family photos in an attempt to get a good one. In every one someone is looking the wrong way or has hair in their face or squinted. But you know what, I sort of love it that way. This one was in the one hour wait to meet a princess. Anyah ended up going for a walk in the stroller with Grammi Chris and falling asleep so she can meet princesses on our next trip. Layla got to meet 2 princesses though so it was worth the hour.

This shot was my favorite. We took it in Toon Town and it was right before I walked Anyah back to the hotel so she could take a 2 plus hour nap so she isn't smiling but that "stop it mom" look grows on you after 6 days in Disneyland.

Plus no matter how fussy she was, in 30 years I'll only remember the way she threw her hands up, squeeled with glee and ran to hug Mickey Mouse when she saw him.

Yep, definitely worth it.

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Trisha said...

These pictures are so awesome!