Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disneyland Day 3 & some Disney California Adventure

If I had to sum up day three with 2 pictures, these would be them... Rides & Food... depending on the kid... one of those things was definitely more important than the other.

On Day 3 we rode A LOT of rides. In the morning we rode several rides in Fantasyland including but not limited to Snow White & Peter Pan (one of my favorites) then Anyah got cranky and I gave her a stroller nap while Daddy, Layla and Grammi checked out Tarzan's Tree House. Then we did Toontown which Layla absolutely loved. I ended up leaving Grammi, Daddy and Layla to take a cranky baby back to the hotel to nap. During that time they had a lot of fun playing with the different things in Toontown and exploring people's houses.

When Anyah woke up we decided to go to Disney California Adventure to ride some more rides on that side. Due to construction in the main walkway area for the remodel we actually found the crowds on this side to be smaller. Anyah and I shared an awesome clam chowder bread bowl and Layla got a holiday themed Mickey Bat Cookie. Grammi took Layla to the Phineas and Ferb Dance Party which Layla loved and then we checked out the Bugs Life area which I have never been in. The rides in this area had NO lines. Not kidding. Walked right on them and while they were mellow the baby loved them and Layla still had fun. Anyah was still super cranky (we later figured out she was cutting a canine tooth) so we went back to the hotel for a rest before Daddy went to the rehearsal for Chris and Brandy's wedding and then we all met up at Rainforest Cafe for dinner with the Santos Family (which will be a seperate post). **Once again I apologize as the pictures are out of order**

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