Saturday, October 22, 2011

Disneyland Fireworks (Night 1)

At the last minute we added a day to our trip, leaving Turlock a day early so that the girls would arrive at Disneyland on a Sunday because the firework show is only available on the weekends. While Daddy went off with his friends to check out Electronica (the Tron themed Club in Disney California Adventure) we staked out a spot for an hour and half to have good seats for the fireworks. I brought glow sticks and light up Mickey Pumpkin heads from home and the girls were pretty entertained by those while we waited (at first) but by the time everyone else arrived Godfather George had to save the day with a Mickey Mouse glowing (and color changing balloon) and some Mickey Mouse Ice Cream.

Both girls wore just as much Ice Cream as they ate which made it even cuter.

Anyah ate hers faster than Layla and Daddy could share the other one. My little foodie, I'm so proud.

When the fireworks started we stood up and watched from our awesome spot. I held Anyah.

Godfather George held Layla for a bit and then she scored the ultimate spot on the back of Daddy's shoulders.

After the fireworks we went straight back to the hotel and the girls crashed out. Daddy went back to the park for a little bit I think, I don't remember... I was sleepy, I slept. Ha ha.

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