Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let's Pretend

My Laylabug has a HUGE imagination. She's currently sitting on the floor playing with her doll house, the Mommy & Daddy doll have been taking turns kissing the baby and putting her to bed.
This week we busted out the dress up clothes that got handed down last year (but were a little too big at the time) and Layla spent the day bouncing from princess to princess, sometimes combining them to make her own princess.
Last week she was a doggy most of the time because Nannie got a new puppy so now she's got more stuff in her catalog of doggy behaviors to mimic.
She takes her fingers and pretends they are people on an adventure, walking her fingers up her arm and pretending it's a slide to slide back down.
It's amazing to watch a little person come up with this stuff all on their own.
It's also sort of fun to get in on the action. I think I'll go have a pretend juice and some cake made of blocks and served on tiny dishes now.

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