Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Tale of the Potty Princess

One summer, not so long ago, in a land, not so far away, there lived a princess who liked mud pies, pink toenail polish, 90's cartoon series' and chocolate milk. Her mother came to her one day and said, "little girl it's time for you to be a big girl and pee pee in a potty like everyone else." Because Mommy was tired of being a slave to the King Pampers and his evil minion wipes.
It was a long week of training. Prices were won. Battles were lost. And much to the Mommy's excitement the legend of the book of "Attachment Parenting Potty Training in 5 Days or Less" actually worked.
And they all danced around and wore stickers on their shirts...and lived in a land without size 5 diapers forever and ever... (or at least until the baby princess gets big enough for them).

The End.

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