Saturday, July 24, 2010

To Anyah @ 3 Months Old

Dear Anyah~Bean,

This has been a month of tiny little discoveries for you. You figured out how to get your hands into your mouth (which you prefer to a pacifier). You also figured out how to roll from your back to your tummy. Ironically, this discovery has lead to the none-to-happy discovery that even when it's your idea you HATE laying on your tummy. So the scene plays out rather amusingly with you laying on the floor, working away kicking and flinging until *pop* you roll over, and then screaming bloody murder until someone puts you back on your back.
You like to sit up and watch things. You're quite the little watcher content to be propped up on the couch, set on the floor, left in the swing or held in a sitting position. You rock the head holding and Mommy has stopped helping you with that all together. You like your jingle baby doll, pulling Mommy's hair, watching your sister dance and rubbing your blanket up against your face now that you've figured out how to grab it and move it around.
You despise loud noises. You are very aggressive about screaming the second an offensive noise happens anywhere near you. At this point loud noises are the only thing you really hate. You've finally warmed up to daddy and like to smile and laugh at him just as much as mommy (well when he's being entertaining that is)...Mommy on the otherhand is always fascinating and worthy of free smiles (lucky me).
You also warmed up to the concept of baths finally. You like a bath most of the time. The exception is when your sister insists on helping...then you LOVE a bath. I don't know what Layla does differently (as she's 2 and I am standing right there it all looks the same to me) but if she gives you a bath you giggle and kick the whole time. She doesn't mind this new chore at all, just this week she told Mommy off for trying to bathe you without her.
Your relationship with your sister is the main change this month. Suddenly she is a little protective of you, a little interested in you, a little excited to fetch a pacifier or a toy and a little bit invested in your happiness. And I totally get that because you WORSHIP her and everyone needs their own fan club.
This month has been all about growing up... and you my little bean...are sprouting into a graceful, peaceful little flower.

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