Saturday, July 10, 2010

Layla's First Movie Theatre Experience

We went to see Despicable Me today in the theatre. We had nachos, popcorn, M&M's, Gummy Bears and soda. We watched in anticipation. And we laughed...oh how we laughed...those minions are hilarious. When it was scary Layla hid behind the row of seats in front of us and watched through the cracks. Most of the time she sat on someone's lap. She leap frogged from Mommy to Daddy to George to Nannie and then back again. She was completely well behaved. She loved the movie itself. She kept telling George "look a big movie on the big tv at the show" over and over. Too cute!
Definitely a wonderful thing to knock off our fun list of things to try this summer. The first movie in the theatre was a HUGE success.


joven said...

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L.M. said...

I loved the movie day :) I want to go again!