Thursday, August 06, 2009


I hate it when other people don't update their blogs and I spend all this time and energy clicking the link with my finger and then being forced to scroll all the way up and hit the back button because they haven't posted a damn thing since the last time I looked. And now... I'm one of those people.

I think it's been like 4 days since my last blog, which I truly apologize for...but goodness gracious it's been awfully busy with long periods of lull in the middle.

We had an awesome surprise visit from Jon's cousin from down south. She brought a boy and all 3 of her kids and it was great to watch the kids all play at the park. Little kids are darn entertaining. I also spent a good chunk of yesterday and today prepping for Jen's baby shower which resulted in 2 nights of feeding the baby/husband random crap for dinner and a nice batch of 30 party favors. I'd tell you what they are but Courtney is very touchy about people ruining her surprises.

Being as the shower was moved to Jen's friends house I need to figure out if I have to bring extra stuff, you know big stuff, like tables. That will consume part of my time after work tomorrow and Saturday is the actual shower.

After which I can pretend to be planning Jon's birthday bash while secretly spending a lot more time on Layla's birthday which is a month farther out. I mean I guess it's not a secret being as he does read my blog and has ever since I had that old blog where I used to talk about my dates with him because I didn't know he was reading, which later resulted in my getting a people tracker/site meter for my website which I should really thank him for some time.

Oh my god, I'm such a hamster. I just stopped mid blog because I noticed a target add laying on the desk next to me with shiny princess shoes in it for $9.99. Where was I?

Oh right... Layla's birthday. I still need to book the park, but I'm pretty sure we're going to the park, having some sandwiches and cake and enjoying the Disney Princess/Fairy wonder that has swept Layla off her feet.

For her present from Mommy & Daddy we'll be going to Disneyland in October. Best gift ever? Yea, we try to give her gifts we'll like just as much as she will. And Disneyland doesn't require batteries or play the same songs over and over for 5 months after the special it was top of the list. If I ever find the person who invented the Sesame Street Steering Wheel that says "beep beep coming through" I'm going to hide Clomid in the Chex Mix so they have Octoplets and then put one in every room of their house. It's a small world being stuck in my head will be a welcomed treasure compaired to that horror.

Also in the J Family News this week... Layla learned a few things at the fair. Suddenly she talks all the time and in baby sentences that Mommy understands more than Daddy. She's really taken charge on leading you to something and showing it to you if you don't know the lingo though so he's still doing ok. And now she sucks face with Giraffes. No seriously. People need to keep a handle on their teenagers at public events. That's all I'm going to say on that soap box. But, Layla has mastered the full facial assault and try as I may I happened to laugh the first time so then she repeated it for Erin a few times.

Oh well. At least they didn't teach her to snort coke and dance on the coffee table naked.

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Courtney said...

Sure am! Thanks for keeping it a secret Allie! :)

Oh, I'm hoping not, but I may be a tad late Saturday. I'm taking engagement photos of a friend and her fiance at CSUS in the morning, then am going to jet set to Mo-town.