Sunday, August 02, 2009

Recovery Day

I like it when the day after big events we all have a day off. Today the baby didn't get up until 8 and then we had pancakes while Jon got to catch up on sleep (he opened a lot this week). I read the sales ads, the baby pretended to read a big Disney storybook outloud, there was dancing to Hairspray and there was the discovery that there is only 1 Pepsi left. Mom called for a visit and I started washing bed linens.

Speaking of which- Did I mention we got a new bed this week? We did. It's not NEW. It's just new to us. It's a king size bed that my cousin JB no longer needed. It was being evicted from Pop's house so my mom could move in her giant princess feather bed *don't laugh I'm not kidding* so we moved it here.
So now we have a CAL KING. Jon is tall, I am wide...this is a good thing. Dad loaned us a truck and Mom bought us a feather bed topper. Layla got our old bed with a nice mattress topper. We gave her old bed to Erin who moved it herself (thanks Erin) and we have a mattress to return to Eric and Jenette that we had borrowed (in an attempt to make Layla's bed the right height back when it was our bed and she had a crib before the last round of musical beds).

Now everyone here has jersey sheets and too many pillows and the next thing I know we're suddenly sleeping in until 8. Which means our nap time moved back. Which means we go to bed AFTER 7 pm...which means dinner time can move was like dominos but more entertaining because it was my life.
Where was I?
So we went downstairs and I wondered why I keep dreaming about Psalm 113 and then we came upstairs and played with hats and visited with Daddy while he was on the computer and you know what? It's 12:15 and everyone is still in their jammies. This is also a good thing.
Next week is a busy week too... can't wait for Jen's shower. Then I get a small break before Jon's birthday. There are events between the two just nothing I need to plan or plan for. Good times.
Almost as good as watching a goat pet itself on your daughters extended hand while she looks at it like "what the heck are you doing to my fingers?"


Layla's Nana said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday :)
I wonder if Layla was thinking 'man that's the ugliest dog I ever seen!" lol

Grammi Teri said...

I just love that Layla is so brave and curious!