Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ack...what a week

This week has been incredibly busy. I'm still dealing with my health issue so there was that and work. But there is always health, money and work so I guess that shouldn't be a suprise.

There was Jon's birthday dinner with family (and George) at Red Robin on Wednesday night. Followed by a WHOLE day off to just sit around the house with my family and enjoy not having to work for a good reason.

Then there was was Friday night when we dropped Laylabug off at Nannie's house and we went to dinner at the Outback (JUST THE TWO OF US!!). Layla really didn't care that we were leaving because it's normal for her to spend a day with Nannie at Nannie's house but boy was she ready for us to come home the next day. She apparently cried when we weren't home by the time she got up from her nap the next day.
Jon suddenly remembered he had a conference call from work at 6 so we ended the alone time by being on a conference call. Later we went out with George and Devon for a few drinks and then came back here to play munchkin which was awesome. She's a cool person. Jon and I enjoyed being adults and being able to loud in our own home. (No pictures of that sorry but here is Jon on a conference call at his birthday dinner)

Then Saturday morning we got up and headed to San Francisco to spend the day together. We ate at Bubba Gumps which had a lovely view of Alcatraz, the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge all from where we sat eating WAY TOO MUCH SHRIMP. We bought Layla the world's cutest hat (and a few other small things) and then headed home (with a small stop at the Old Navy because I've been packing around a $50 gift card since March and I DESPERATELY needed new clothing. It was time-turns out there was also a HUGE it).

Then we came home and there was hugging, and crying when Daddy went upstairs and we couldn't find him, and not letting Mommy out of our site for awhile. We had a birthday cupcake because Layla hadn't had one yet. After awhile she calmed down and we cuddled in bed and she drove us crazy and everything was back to normal by 7 when I put her to bed because she was EXHAUSTED from staying up late at Nannie's house.

And then I watched Supernatural with Jon for awhile and blogged this summary blog and wrote a check for a loan payment I needed to make while the pictures loaded and I'm sure there will be more pictures and stories from this week later when I have time... but this should hold you over for awhile.


Layla's Nana said...

Love the blog, hate my pic! LOL

Courtney said...

LOVE Devon! She's one of my most favorite co-workers ever. And a perfect match for George. She just needs to fully realize and figure that out...