Sunday, August 23, 2009

Life reflected

It's my daughter snorting when she laughs and the heavy weight of her melting into me when it's time for bedtime stories. It's the sound of Jon fast asleep beside me in bed and the way his eyes sparkle when he is feeling competitive. It's my favorite pajamas that are worn thin with time and their once bright blue and yellow flowers now pale from being worn through every possible type of night. It's the feel of a good quilt and the burn of the first drink of Pepsi from a glass overflowing with ice. It's when friends come for dinner and when family visits, or when strangers become something more. It's backgammon games and card games that errupt into laughter. It's the journey not the destination. It's road trips that went well and the ones that went so badly they are now funny stories I tell. It is love unconditional and forgiveness given freely. It's time and words shared without excuses. It's holiday traditions and books with yellowed pages. It's recipes shared, dishes tried and kitchen failures that taught us just as much as our successes. It's pictures that tell a story and stories that paint a picture. It's a life. It's my life... and the things that make me happy in it, at least some of them.

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Trisha said...

What a great reflection. Sometimes I get too negative, I should do more of these kinds of reflections.