Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bedtime Stories

The new tradition at our house at bedtime is "story time". I remember my mom and dad wrapping me up in a warm bed or sitting with me in front of a fire place in the winter and reading me books before bed. It was definitely a tradition I knew I'd share with Layla. It took her until just recently to have the patience to sit through an entire story. Now we have the opposite problem and she wants you to keep reading forever.

So now at night she picks a book and I grab Goodnight Moon and then we read the book she picked and Goodnight Moon and we do kisses and get into our "night night spot" tucked between our pillows and I turn out the light and tell her I love her and I leave her there with the book she picked to turn pages and imagine until she falls asleep.

And I savor each moment, because I know someday soon she'll want to read to me. And then will come the day that she just wants to read by herself. And then the day I don't have to tuck her in at all because she's in her room reading, or talking on the phone, or being a teenager in secret. But, I'll always remember these stories...and so will she.

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