Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A glimpses

This week has completely gotten away from me and while I had hoped to post a couple really good and meaningful posts it turns out that I have just never gotten that far along. I still have AWESOME pictures of Layla to post on her site, maybe Friday? Here is a look at some of the things keeping me busy and some other important news.
This is my God son Pheonix, he turned 3 today (the picture is old but I didn't have time to hunt down one from his last trip here so that will have to wait until another day this week when I have time to write him a real happy birthday post).
This is me Monday being held hostage...err...I mean bonding with my daughter. Jon's car has been acting up so he was taking turns being inside, and outside, and then upstairs on the computer so we entertained ourselves with a movie...turns out I am more comfortable than laying on the floor.

Then we went yesterday after dinner but before bedtime we went to Pop's house to visit my mom and so Layla could get a present from Nana Lorrie. We also played in the sprinklers and the mud for awhile before I sprayed her off and took her home (pictures coming later on her site).

Then today Miss Mia was finally born to her Mama (Jen) and I had to go visit them after she was born. I mean had to...there might have been a gun to my head or something <are they falling for it?> Anyhow I went to see her and she is ADORABLE, probably one of the top 3 prettiest babies I've ever seen.
By the way, this picture is a mere 3 hours after Jen gave birth...look how attractive and wonderful she looks. I know. I hate her too. But I love her I forgive her.
Then I came home and I looked at all the posts I have in queue to write and the photos I need to upload to Layla's site and the other things on the list that just aren't getting done...and I decided they can all wait for me to get to them...

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