Friday, August 28, 2009

August Belated Birthdays

August sort of got away from me this year and I missed several birthday posts. So I decided to combine them all into one birthday post. I like the idea so much I might do it again next month if September ends up being half as busy as August was.

My god-son's birthday was August 19th and he had a skateboard party from what I hear. He's rockin' so the fact that he wanted a skateboard party like a cool big kid doesn't suprise me at all. He's also brilliant...he can read, write and talk better than ALL the other kids I know his age. I know a lot of kids his age so that's saying something. He has a profound love of artwork which is directly related to the gift I sent him for his birthday which hopefully he's already recieved and started making projects with. Happy Birthday Pheno...we love you!!

Nana Shu-shu, otherwise known as our step-mother-in-law Susan (see Nana Shu Shu is easier to say isn't it?) was also a birthday gal this month. We love Susan for many reasons...she's funny, she's kind and she makes a mean margarita while the kids run around the back yard working up the yappy dog. Although I have a lot of pictures of her that I could choose from I picked this one from Layla's birthday last year because I think it reflects her personality well. She's very laid back and willing to watch the kids be kids. I like that about her, I often wonder if it's because she works with kids or just because she was blessed with it...anyhow... Happy Birthday Shu Shu!

This is my neice Faith. She's 2. She has always been very very funny. At least I think so. She makes me laugh with her facial expressions. Her Mommy put this up on her blog and I IMMEDIATELY stole it. It's my favorite. She looks like she knows something we don't know doesn't she? Well she can keep her long as she knows how much Uncle Jon, Aunt Allie and Cousin Layla miss her and love her. Happy Birthday new big sister Faith!

THEN there were the TWO new babies...Miss Mia (whom I've already posted about) and Miss Kylie who was born yesterday on Jon's birthday (I haven't met her yet but I will soon and when I do I'll post pictures). Those will add to the August birthdays next year.

Happy Birthday or BIRTH day whichever applies you guys...we love you!

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