Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Week

Last Thursday I took Layla to story time at the library for older kids and Anyah stayed with Daddy at home.

It was definitely a better fit for Layla but Anyah would have been miserable.

Well except for the bell shaking dance, she would have liked that.

Then we came home and the girls had some art time together which was just enough interaction to get Layla a cold...

Which she of course gave to Anyah.

It's a sister thing, like sharing your new blue bowl and letting someone smaller sit in your pretend soup.

Eventually, Layla was much better. She even made a trip to the grocery store and an overnight stay at Nannie's without too much drama.

It took Anyah a little longer but I think we are on the upswing now, which is good since Saturday is Layla's 4th Birthday Party.

And to celebrate surviving the sickies and get ready for our upcoming trip to Disneyland for the Fish wedding... I chopped off and died my hair.

Now excuse me while I go start cooking for tomorrow.

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