Monday, January 16, 2012

the typical day

From 6 pm to 9 pm I grab a nap which is really like 7 pm to 8 pm followed by an hour shushing Layla who sneaks into bed with me and messes with the dog while talking nonstop until she literally crashes out.

9 pm Get up and get ready. Depending on how tired and sore I am this might include a second shower in my day.

9:30 pm forage for something to pack for lunch and find the things I need for the night (like my phone charger and headphones)

9:45 pm drive to work

10 pm to 6:30 am work, without a real break because we are understaffed, if I get a break use it to eat while doing homework if not then eat while working and possibly swap cars with Jon in the parking lot at some point during my shift

6:45 am the car window is finally defrosted enough to drive home, I on the other hand am frozen solid

7 am the girls are up because the dog goes crazy when I get home, get the girls settled by the tv, turn up the heater and let the dog out

7:30 am or so, make breakfast as requested... Usually either waffles or eggs for the girls but today oatmeal which I have to keep Anyah from feeding Pixie

8 am to 9:30 or 10 am juggle homework, with two small kids overstocked on energy playing and bickering around me and a small dog going crazy... Also play with kids and dog as needed, get little people dressed and do hair

10 am to 1:30 pm give or take this is my main sleep time.

1:30 pm get up for lunch, send Layla to quiet time in her room and if Anyah skipped her morning nap put her down and nap but today she is up so so am I, play and cuddle watching TV

3 pm Layla is out of her room and of I am lucky the girls go out to play or need a bath... Use this time to clean house because omfg what happened to the floors

4:30 pm start making dinner

5 pm dinner and dinner clean up, then put myself and kids in jammies

Omg it's 6 pm again, time to start over

This is typical for a non doctor appointment or other commitment day. Things get more crazy when one of us has an appointment, daddy has a strange schedule day or god forbid we need to run an errand at the grocery store or target

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