Friday, February 03, 2012

Where Did I Go?

Sometimes you have to choose, this last month was extremely difficult for me. Not only were we busy, but also unbearingly exhausting. So far my main complaints with Lupus are back pain and extreme muscle fatigue (which given the other things you can have, aren't really that bad I guess but compared to last year when I was healthy-well it kinda sucks).

Actually, this is not a lupus blog and I don't know that I want it to be one. I am many things and this is only one thing that I am dealing with. Other things that are new and exciting at our house (ok exciting might be a GIANT overstatement)...

I'm still in school. The UOP program completes a course every 5 weeks. I took double courses the first two sessions which means I was doing 2 finals every month. Oh Lordy, what was I thinking? So starting now, I will be taking one class at a time. It might take a little longer but it won't kill me. Plus that gives me time for bible study reading, the prayer group I volunteer with at church, having time with my husband and kids, family travel, etc.

Anyah is growing like a weed and thusly, is getting herself into lots of interesting situations. She's finally started climbing a little which has been interesting to watch. By far the cutest thing she does is dance like my Grandma Gerty used to. I guess Gerty must visit her in her sleep because I've never taught her to do it and she rocks the booty shake. She also says the cutest things. It's not really what she says but how she says it. She's got the cutest pronounciation I've ever heard.

Layla is developing by leaps and bounds. She's very into having her own responsibilities right now. She helps clean up, cook, and does almost everything for Pixie. The dog is her BFF and she falls to sleep at night petting her. She's started developing in depth creative play scenarios where she forces Anyah to be a student while she's the teacher or interacts entire plays using her Lalaloopsies and a doll house. It's pretty awesome.

Jon has a busy month this month. He's got work, an assessment, jury duty, and a wife with tons of doctor's appointments who works nights. He's been awesome. Totally awesome. I am grateful.

Last month was the month of birthday's: PopPop Ira, my Dad, and Papa Mark to name a few. This month has a lot of adult responsibilities and next month is the start of the summer downhill with my birthday just before Easter, the Santos Wedding, Anyah's birthday, etc.

I'll be back to post real things eventually, I promise. It's just crazy. Sorry.

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