Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February, was that you?

Did you see that? Yeah, that was February flying by. Nice, no?

This month was busy with a lot of every day things and a few nice exciting new things.

Jon finally got that assessment for his work and we're still waiting to hear about it. The girls got to have the first Valentine's Day that either of them remember. I got to go to lunch with a girlfriend and NO KIDS!

I dropped down to one class at a time to better manage my time/lupus situation and that's been interesting. I also finally told my boss exactly what's going on with my health situation. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.

Pixie ate...everything... underwears, trash, and eventually (today) snapped at a child. It's not her fault, she acts out when Layla spends the night at my mom's (which is often). We're working with her. She seems to be over shredding clothing finally. *sigh*

Of course there were work days, working holidays, days off, dr's appointments, just regular old play dates, and then there was that one special trip with Devon to get the girls Flower Girl dresses for the Santos wedding, that was exciting. If Devon says it's ok, I'll post a picture some time soon.

In other news, March is a nice big action packed month. I have class, we find out about Jon's job, it's my birthday, Devon has a bridal shower I'll be going to, and we're going to DISNEYLAND. I know a little girl (currently lounging on the couch with a bottle watching her Pal Mickey Mouse) who will be super excited to see another parade. And Layla is VERY excited to meet Rapunzel this time.

Mommy needs a break. Disneyland is my favorite break. It's going to be awesome to enjoy some time with friends and Mickey Shaped Pretzels.

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