Friday, March 02, 2012

running a little behind

I have never been that person. The late person. The last minute person. The lets reschedule or do that next time because I don't have time right now person. But, I am now THAT person. Oh my.

There is a lot of psychological crap you have to wade through when you go from OCD clean to living with kids clean. There is at least as much crap to wade through when you make the commitment to choose your health and future over your "fun".

Not that I always lose out on fun. Yesterday I had quite a few laughs with my girls watching TV and making food messes while video taping song and dance shows on my iPhone. It's just given the choice lately I am repeatedly choosing the people fun not the computer fun.

So this blog is behind and so is the girls picture blog. You know what, it's March and I don't have Anyah's birthday party invitations picked or the girls yearly photo session booked. But, you know what... I didn't miss the row row your boat singing extravaganza yesterday... so I know I made the right choice.

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