Thursday, June 23, 2011

The First Ingredient

Scene: I am in the kitchen gathering ingredients for dinner prep.

*the putter patter of bare feet running on tile*

Layla: Mommy, what's going on here?

Me: I'm making a lasagna for Daddy for dinner.

Layla: Why?

Me: Because I love him.

Layla: I love him, I'll help you, ok?

Me: Ok, get your brown chair to stand on.

*toddler drags chair practically on top of my feet*

Layla: What's the first step, mom?

~flashback~ 6 years old in Grandma Gerty's kitchen~

Me: What's the first ingredient in Grandpa's soup, Grandma?

Gerty: It's love sugar, lean over this pot and give me a big ole kiss.

*I lean over and kiss her*

Gerty (looking in empty pot): oh yes, I reckon that's just enough to get started.

~end flashback~

Me: It's love baby, lean over this pan and give me a big kiss.

*Layla raises one eyebrow then grins and leans over to give me a big kiss*

Me (looking in pan) Oh yes, that looks just about perfect.

End scene.

Scene 2/Breakfast prep 30 minutes later: Anyah screaming at my feet while I make waffles. Layla waiting at the kitchen table.

Me: Fine Ani, come up here and help just stop yelling for God's sake.

Layla yells from table: Don't forget the love Mom.

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