Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer List 2011

Inspired by both last years list and my friend Christine (who just made a list with her kids... I have decided to make a list of some fun things we're going to try to do this summer.

This list is bigger stuff to squeeze in-between days spent eating too much ice cream, running in the sprinklers and having BBQ with our favorite friends and family.

- swimming lessons for Layla
- Anyah's first S'mores
- water park with friends
- go to the zoo
- visit the county fair to ride carnival rides, eat junk and pet farm animals
- take an over night trip to the ocean to see the tide pools, visit the aquarium and play on the beach
- watch fireworks and play with sparklers
- play at the lake and go fishing
- attend a minor league baseball game
- picnic and feed ducks at the park
- ride a horse at Pa's ranch
- play mini golf

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