Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Week w/ Curvatude

My week tends to start on Thursday since I always have Tuesday & Wednesday off now. Thursday's are my clean start, speaking of which... Jon cleaned out the jungle back yard.

Friday morning I get home from work just before 7 and the girls are usually climbing out of bed and making noise. I do the usual breakfast routine but then they get dressed and head off to the Farmer's Market. This last week was bring your stuffed animal to the EMC healthy clinic... and we picked up our produce and ordered some cookies to pick up for a party next week while Anyah scored a $20 alpaca by giving it snotty kisses which forced me to purchase it.

I come home and sleep and wake up for crazy kid time and dinner and bedtime rolls around and I take a nap so I can wake up refreshed for my night shift.

As with everywhere else Friday leads to Saturday and then Sunday in a strange cycle of errands, bath times, bed times and chores.

And before I know it it's Monday at work, the day we're all there which means getting stuff done, having birthday potlucks, and wondering where my week went.

Tuesday is my first night off. So after getting home in the morning I sleep a bit and then the girls and I do something fun. This week Daddy was off too so we made dinner and George and Devon came to eat, play with their god daughters and then after the girls went to bed we played a little Munchkin.

Wednesday is always fun around here. My only full day off will overflow with awesome if I get my way... This week that meant play dates with family friends down to visit from Washington.

And after naptime, some dinner at Lulu's and ice cream...

And then a much needed rinse off on a hot day...

Then Thursday happened to be my payday so while Daddy slept in, Layla played blocks and Anyah taught herself how to climb long enough for me to pay bills.

Eventually we got out of our jammies and went to get supplies for the next week and all the fun it has planned in it:

-Farmer's Market (Fri)
-Brandy's Bridal Shower (Sat)
-Father's Day (Sun)
-Slumber Party w/ the Displaced Californian & my Godson & a healthy dose of water play (Tue)
-Zoo playdate (Wed)

Good times are here and summer is well under way.

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