Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Wittler Girl

Her first Sno Shack... Watermelon.

It's not one of those firsts like first word or first step but it's monumental none the less. Shave Ice was a sign of summer when I was young. You would burn your feet on the asphalt holding your much coveted $2.00 in quarters and trying to decide between the exotic (tiger's blood) or the domestic (watermelon).

Layla wanted PINK which they didn't have so she settled for watermelon. She won't eat real watermelon so I figured I'd end up paying $3.50 to give myself sugar shock, but she had about half which is impressive for a 3 year old who isn't into things too sweet, too cold or too new most of the time.

"you're such a big girl now" I told her and as always panic stricken she began correcting me...

"no mom I not a big girl, I'm just a littler girl" complete with that soft w I love which replaces the first L in Layla and makes her Wayla.

I tell her it's ok, I forgot. She's not a big girl.

But I think to myself, she looks so much bigger these days I must have forgotten, again.

Not that I am in a hurray to lose my little girl. Quite the opposite. I want to stall time so there is more whispering under blankets, more big armed hugs and more sloppy silly kisses before she's too big and I am stuck looking at that picture of her first snow cone and wishing she still wanted to be my little girl.

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