Sunday, January 23, 2011

His Plan Is Unique & Changing

I prayed a lot the last few months. Not for the things that you normally pray for when you're moving either, it wasn't about finding a place but instead about finding patience, keeping an open mind and trying not to force my will on to God's will for me. That was my last month. I put back on 4 lbs stress eating, I ate my nails to the quick. It's been crazy, and the whole time it never felt quite right.

We're a unique family and what we were looking for in a home was just as unique as us. Plus being a family in constant evolution, we spent a lot of time changing and thusly, sometimes what we liked changed a little. And then we found what we thought we wanted only to find out it really wasn't what we needed.

Then God took over. And the big life changes... well they are falling all around us like snow, pure and beautiful snow that washes everything over in a clean crisp feeling.

And I'm admiring how far letting go can get a girl because it's never been something I was great at.

Prayers while we get ready for all things big and new would be greatly appreciated

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