Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year.New Start.

One of the things that has happened to me (quite on accident I might add) is that I have lost some weight, about 45 lbs to be exact. (It was a little more but I do love some Christmas treats) So, now that I've lost a little weight I kind of want to get a little bit more active. It's not really that I want to lose more weight (although that might happen) it's moreso about not ending up 50 years old and trapped in a body that is bitter that I slummed it so long.
So while I don't make resolutions this is something I'm going to be talking about here this year because I'll need you to help hold me accountable. I am afterall, 30 years into a slumming it cycle and slumming it doesn't require any discipline or follow through which makes it nice and easy for me to stick with.
So Jan 1st @ 2 am... 215 lbs (gotta blessed Christmas treats, I was down to 206 for a minute there)... size 14 pants (tight)... size xl shirt. I'll let you know how we progress as we go along. Now, please excuse me while I hyperventilate about impending change and the fact that my exact size is now published on the internet.

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