Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Battle With Stuff

Oh the stuff, it is everywhere. Much to my dismay it must be reconciled, packed and/or purged. Let me tell you, I am beginning to hate "stuff". Just the word "stuff" is starting to bug me "stuuu uuffff", yuck.

Today I went through baby clothes and toddler toys. I'm less than half way through both and I am hot and tired.

24 days left...

Lord help me.

How did we get all this stuff in such a tiny place?

Lynn's cousin Bonnie took an entire truck load of baby stuff. A WHOLE truck, when did that happen??

Despite gifting an entire truck of equipment and several small bags of baby clothes to two seperate families, the girls are not wanting. An entire little bed room filled to the brim plus piles of abandoned toys in every room. Nope, no shortage of stuff here.

It's not just them though, someone promise me the next time you see me holding a service dish that you'll have a STu -Uff stopping intervention.

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