Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter to Anyah at 11 Months Old

My Little Ani-Bee,

Let me just start by saying I call you my Ani-Bee like a honey bee mainly because I call Layla my Layla-Bug like lady bug... but this month "ani-bee" couldn't be more accurate if I tried. You are all a-buzz with newness. Suddenly, repeating new words, mimicing songs, copying hand motions, making funny faces and walking...well... with one hand holding mommy's finger anyhow. At this point the only thing stopping you from walking is the fact that you crawl so dang fast you don't want to be slowed down by going upright for mobile transportation. I figure I've got a week, maybe two, before you change your mind.

It's already been almost a year. Eleven months seems like a long time sometimes but this year it just flew by. Perhaps because now Mommy has 2 kids and a night job and Daddy is all sorts of busy at home and work too... or perhaps... more likely... because you are such an easy baby that for the most part we don't have to focus on surviving the moment like some people with little babies do.

For the most part you sleep through the night now that daddy has insisted you have your own sleeping space (in the form of a small bed at the foot of Mommy's side of the bed) and we've all but phased out bottles. You're a great eater, have been since we stopped doing baby food months ago, but now you have 8 teeth so your options for dinner are expanding. We also put you on whole milk this month and upgraded you to the big car seat. And then, mommy cried, oh where has my baby gone???

You're a cuddler, an explorer and most of all a stuff taken out of it's placer. What that isn't a term? What else would you have me call someone who can empty every container in a room in the time it takes mommy to go to the restroom? You're sister calls you a swiper because you steal her stuff when she isn't looking.

What ever we call you... you're darn entertaining, a perfect fit for this family and a wonderful bit of competition and love for your big sister to deal with.

You make me laugh, you make me sigh and just 3 minutes ago you made me swear like a sailor... but always you make me love you, and you don't even have to try...

Almost a year and yet it feels like you've been here forever.



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