Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Moving on Up

This would be a bullet point blog with lots of randomness stuck in it but I haven't figured out how to do bullet points on my phone so we'll see what happens. It might just be a whole lot of random...
Next Sunday I am getting Baptised. Baptism requires a bathing suit so I went and got one. It's 2 sizes smaller than the last one that I bought. Despite this fact my confidence took a huge blow because I still look like a giant stuffed sausage. Good thing this suit will be under my clothing, otherwise the "sausage saved by Jesus" look better become cool quickly.
Getting ready to move to me means "HELLO CRAP PURGING". So, I have packed exactly 1 closet but I have a full load of baby stuff headed off in 2 different directions and a box of baby clothing for the girl at work who takes Anyah's old stuff. Next up will be the great toy purge of 2011 and Jon will be painting bunk beds once we get our garage back from the pile of baby junk on it's way out. One.Room.At.A.Time. Right?
The week we move starts with a my co-worker's Annual picnic, then my birthday, dinner with friends (twice) and then the big MOVE and it ends with Wrestlemania at a friends house (mmm appetizers and inappropriate mocking). Then I work a week and have a weekend off which I am hoping involves a lot of time in my pajamas.
The weekend after that is the Asparagus Festival in Stockton which I would LOVE to go to. It's also an Apologetics event at Monte Vista Chapel and most importantly... ANYAH'S BIRTHDAY PARTY (whoot whoot)!! I moved her party up a week from her birthday because her actual birthday is Good Friday and everyone will be booked Easter weekend.
Speaking of Easter weekend, if you have nothing to do, we'll be having some BBQ or Ham or something at our house around 11. The kids will wear cute things and hunt plastic eggs filled with candy and real eggs died unevenly in our new backyard. Fun times.
Somewhere in this mess I need to schedule Anyah's 1st birthday pictures and some sibling pictures that never happened at Christmas time. I also need to finally get some pictures up on the girls photo blog and I'd really like to invest a small amount of time into getting my first pedicure of the season so I can buy some cute saltwater sandals to sport about this summer. But, don't hold your breath because it's getting busy around here and I have important things to do like keep Anyah from crawling upstairs when I am not looking because Layla lets her through the baby gates.
Speaking of which, gotta go, the play time in my living room is headed upstairs without me.

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